The internet has opened up our world, and now we are more connected than ever before. There are so many apps, VOIP services, and online messaging services available. Email is going out of fashion. Our smartphones are full of messaging apps, and they can be hard to keep track of. Which contact uses which app? How can Grandma in Mexico call me without racking up a large long-distance bill? Can my international business stay connected and work efficiently? RingLeader’s CrowdVoice app is here to keep Mexico connected!

What is a free Mexico virtual number?

With CrowdVoice, you get a local number in the US and a Mexico phone number. When someone in Mexico dials your free Mexico virtual number from a landline or smartphone, they will be making a local call that you will receive in the CrowdVoice app, wherever you are in the world. CrowdVoice comes with free, unlimited incoming international phone calls from more than 50 countries plus 500 outbound calling minutes and free unlimited calling between CrowdVoice users.

What else is included with my free Mexico virtual number?

CrowdVoice isn’t just a Mexican virtual number. Not only do you choose a Mexico number, but you also choose a number in the US. These numbers are yours to keep forever. In addition to your new free numbers, you’ll have access to voicemail, email faxing, voicemail-to-email transcription, custom caller ID, text, chat, SMS, and you can easily send pictures and video. Fax-to-email and voicemail-to-email services within the app allow you to save USD, read you faxes and voicemail messages through your email address and stay connected. Toll free forwarding allows you to forward calls from your virtual phone number to your office number for seamless integration. On top of all of this, RingLeader uses their vast SIP and encryption experience to make the CrowdVoice app reliable and secure.

Why is my free Mexico virtual number better than the other options?

Many people still use expensive calling cards that last only for a few calls or apps that don’t quite do everything they want them to do. Unlike calling cards, a Mexico number with CrowdVoice connects you with family, friends and customers in an integrated, two-way system. After you choose your local Mexico and US numbers online, anyone can call them as though they are calling a landline, without any additional fees or long-distance charges. Don’t forget, your account comes with unlimited inbound calls from over 50 countries and 500 international outbound minutes per month.

CrowdVoice’s app does everything you wish the other messaging apps did. A free virtual phone number makes calling you from any landline or mobile phone as simple as dialing your free number.

Whether you’re exploring the Republic of Ireland, relaxing at the beach one of your favorite tropical islands, at home in the US, or visiting relatives in Mexico, your Mexican and international friends, family and customers can easily reach you through your free virtual number. When you hear your phone ring you can rest assured knowing that your family, friends and business contacts aren’t spending their hard-earned money to call you.

Why juggle all those other smartphone apps and waste your money on expensive calling cards? What’s better? CrowdVoice. Click here to learn more.

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