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Advantages of a Small Business VOIP Phone System

June 18, 2021

Hosted Telephony/BSI (Business Broadband Internet Protocol) is increasingly becoming an industry standard for small businesses and home offices. The reasons for its popularity are many, ranging from the simple fact that it gives you a professional level of service, to the fact that most providers offer free upgrades and/or maintenance on their systems, to the fact that you do not need to worry about outfitting your house or office with expensive (and therefore labor intensive) switching equipment. But with so many options out there, how do you decide what kind of hosted PBX solution is right for your organization? Here are some common options:

Dedicated PBX: These advantages also apply to almost any small-sized business, although a smaller outfit will often feel the most benefits, such as less overhead and simpler access to callers, whether through voicemail or dedicated calling features. If you own a small to medium-sized business, or if you’re a larger company considering opening up a new office somewhere, then read on to find out about the advantages of a hosted PBX can bring to you… A hosted PBX service will allow you to have callers dial into your internal telephone system from any location. That’s important because it means that you can take calls around your office at all times. Most businesses these days either have virtual lines installed and using VoIP technology, or a mixture of VLF (Voice Over IP) and regular phone services.

If your business is based entirely on small business phone service, then a hosted PBX solution will help you keep your costs down by providing voicemail for all incoming calls. This is especially useful if your call volume is high, but your budget doesn’t stretch to purchasing an in-house voicemail unit. With a hosted PBX system, you can easily get rid of that expense and instead buy a VoIP adapter that connects to your existing wiring system, which then redirects calls to voicemail when you receive them.

Flexibility: For smaller offices that don’t have a lot of money to spare on a telephone system upgrade, or that aren’t located in the best geographical location for a high speed internet connection, having a hosted PBX is definitely the way to go. These systems are very flexible, because you can easily add extensions, switch between different extensions, and even add new phone extensions at any time. There are no additional costs involved, so a small business can save a lot of money without spending it all on a new phone system or network infrastructure. It’s a win-win situation. Your expenses can be cut, while productivity increases. Small businesses no longer need to compromise their quality of operation in order to afford a better quality phone service.

Cost Reduction: Moving your communications to a cloud-based PBX service is a major cost reduction for small businesses. The services are available on a subscription basis, so you don’t need to invest a huge capital sum just to upgrade. Your expenses will decrease because there will be no need to upgrade your equipment and spend thousands on new software. Instead, the amount you need to invest will be very small.

No Capital Investment Needed: Upgrading your business PBX with a hosted PBX solution is as simple as making a few phone calls. All of your outgoing calls will go to your hosted PABX system, where you’ll manage them as a virtual call center. For incoming calls, your virtual call center will forward the calls to the correct number based on your activation information, which ensures you never miss a single call. If you’re using ISDN PRI lines, all calls made to these lines will also go to your PABX. This means that your employees can take all calls from the extensions they’ve been assigned – even if they’re not in the office at the time.

Minimal Service interruptions: Hosted PBX phone systems make it possible for small businesses to enjoy highly efficient communication without incurring huge capital expenditures. This means that your company’s productivity can dramatically increase by eliminating hang-ups and busy signals, which can be caused by long-distance carrier maintenance or accounting problems. In addition, hosted solutions ensure that all of your employees have access to their own personal cell phones, thus eliminating the possibility of employees forgetting their business phones at work. With an integrated pbx phone system, all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically routed through the company cell phone system, thereby eliminating hang-ups and busy signals.

Reduced Costs: Hosted small businesses benefit from reduced costs associated with a PABX phone system. These savings come in two forms: o Savings on hardware and Reduced service costs, since the communication infrastructure is already contained within the hosting provider’s servers. The low cost of using a hosted PBX service also enables small businesses to utilize state-of-the-art telecommunication technology for significantly lower monthly service costs. For example, many home providers offer custom features such as auto attendant, call forwarding, call waiting, music on hold and more.

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