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An Overview of Hosted IP PBX Services

October 2, 2020

The development of hosted business communication technology has provided small, medium, as well as large enterprises with an advanced phone network, while also reducing hardware costs. It is a multi-user virtual private network (VoIP), which allows calls to be made and received from a central location where one is based. For small businesses, hosted PBX technology is one of the most economical means of communication.

Businesses with VoIP telephone systems are able to cut costs and cut back on costs due to the reduced need for dedicated telephone lines. Hosted PBX technology is able to provide an efficient business telephone system in a cost-effective manner. There are several different types of hosted PBX service options. There are virtual private network or virtual PBX, hosted PBX service, hosted IP PBX service, and hosted virtual private networks. These services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Virtual Private Network: A virtual private network is a network consisting of a PBX, which is a telephone or voice over internet protocol (VoIP), and a router, which connects the PBX to the Internet. Virtual private networks are usually based on Open Directory Project or other public domain servers.

Hosted IP PBX: A hosted IP PBX service enables users to make calls to a single phone number, and then route the call to various locations. There are some IP-based VOIP telephony service providers who provide a virtual PBX service by using IP networks such as VoIP, broadband and even local telephone systems. The main advantages of this type of hosted IP PBX service is that it reduces the operational costs, because you do not have to purchase any additional telephone equipment to run it. Another advantage is that the IP-based VoIP telephony system can easily be integrated into your existing network, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate a business communication plan within your company. This type of hosted IP PBX service is ideal for business owners who require a high degree of flexibility but little IT expertise.

Hosted Virtual Private Networks: A hosted virtual private network is a virtual telephone system that runs on an operating system such as Windows, Linux, or UNIX. The network consists of several telephone nodes that have an IP-based VOIP-based IP telephone service which allows calls to be sent and received from any IP address. in the world. Hosted Virtual Private Networks allow you to create a private and dedicated private IP telephony network for your business that can be managed by the same physical PBX equipment or a third party administrator.

Hosted Virtual Private Phones: Hosted VOIP PBX services are often provided to small businesses which may not have sufficient resources to set up a dedicated physical PBX. In such instances, the hosted virtual private phone service is often used. This type of PBX service is able to offer all features of a hosted private PBX like call system without any additional hardware, but does not require an extensive amount of IT expertise to set up.

Shared Virtual Private Networks: In a Shared Virtual Private Network, the business telephone system is shared with several users, usually by the same provider. The private telephone network is linked to the company’s internal phone network via the company’s own network or a VoIP network. Shared Virtual Private Networks can offer the flexibility of a dedicated private network to your business, while allowing you to manage the business telephone system in a more efficient manner.

If you wish to buy a virtual PBX service, you will find several vendors who offer hosted VOIP phone systems for a reasonable price. You can also choose a dedicated Virtual Private Branch Exchange (VBxE) service provider that offers hosted PBX services for companies that need highly scalable and customized VOIP phone services. Businesses that use hosted VOIP PBX systems also benefit from easy setup, which is usually facilitated by a Web based configuration interface and maintenance software. The service providers that offer hosted PBX services also help businesses set up their own VOIP telephony system, which can be integrated with their company’s existing phone system or they may provide installation and customization services for the whole network. The majority of hosted virtual private VOIP PBX service providers charge a monthly fee, which provides additional features like unlimited long distance numbers and international calling, so you get the most out of the hosted PBX services.