Fax machines have been a core piece of equipment for many businesses since their boom in popularity in the 1980s. Fax machines made it much easier and faster to transmit documents between businesses, and many businesses still use them today. However, as technology advances, so does the fax machine, which is where the online fax service comes in. Able to transmit documents more quickly, more securely, and with less expense. Before you look for the best online fax service, you need to understand all the benefits that come with transitioning from fax machines to online fax services.

Better Organized Documents

Organizing your documents is important when it comes to the workplace. When dealing with traditional fax machines, you are always going to be working with physical paper, which can end up mis-filed, damaged, or lost—and that can be detrimental to your business. When using the best online fax service available, you receive a digital copy of the document, and it is archived for future access in cloud storage. You can also copy the document as many times as needed to be placed into your own local organized file storage system.

Save Money and Time

By using the best online fax service, your business can save a lot of time and money. The ability to fax digitally means that your documents are transferred near instantaneously to wherever you need them to be sent. As well, an online fax service is relatively cheap, most running from $15/month – $45/month, while having fax service and maintaining a fax machine could be costing you upwards of $150 – $205 per month. Dropping that old fax machine for online fax service is the smart choice for your business.

More Secure Transfers, including Encryption

With the best online fax service, you get online digital transfers of files, which means you also can benefit from encryption systems, like OpenSSL or similar ones, when transferring sensitive documents. As well, you receive all digital faxes in your email discreetly; you don’t have to print them out.

Digital Signatures for Documents

Many businesses send faxes in order for other parties to sign documents and send them back. When you use the best online fax service, you will be able to add a digital signature through their app or online platform and send them back immediately without having to print anything out.

Mobile Device Support

Mobile devices are ubiquitous now in businesses in the digital age, so being able to receive your fax from the best online fax service on your cell phone is extremely convenient. When businesspeople are on trips for work, they can often find it difficult to be able to continue their regular work if they need to be receiving or sending faxes. This can also be an issue if an emergency situation pops up that requires a fax. However, with the use of an online fax service, anywhere you have your cell phone, you have access to your faxing capabilities.

Easy to Setup and Use

Some people may be worried that using digital fax services, like those available from the best online fax service, is going to be too complicated to set up, or for their employees to use (especially less technology savvy users.) This couldn’t be further from the truth. Setting up an online fax service is quick and easy, while using it is just like using any other mainstream business app, and almost any employee can be quickly trained on its use without any troubles; everything comes with step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions.

Learn How to Transition to Online Fax Services

If you are interested in ditching the physical fax machine and transitioning to the easy, secure, and inexpensive alternative available from the best online fax service, then click through to RingLeader and get in touch with them today.