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Benefits of Why SIP Trunking Services Is Preferred by Businesses

March 19, 2021

why sip trunking

There are many good reasons why small and medium-sized businesses should be using SIP trunking. First of all, it can save you money since you no longer have to purchase separate lines for voice calls and data. Most VoIP providers also offer a service called ‘offsite’ or ‘untied’ connection – which means that one telephone number is used for both. This means that you can assign different telephone numbers to different departments. You can also have multiple outgoing IP addresses with SIP trunking. All of this saves money, which can then be reinvested in other areas such as marketing and customer service.

Another reason why small businesses should be interested in SIP trunking is the certified integration approach. When you use a hosted VoIP system, like most of those provided by VoIP providers, you can only make voice calls over the internet connection. However, SIP trunks let you create dedicated lines within your office or premises so that you can make voice calls using your personal computer as well as connecting to the internet. As long as your VoIP provider provides you with a gateway service, which is a special type of service that allows you to connect to the internet and make voice calls, you will be able to take advantage of this certification.

However, there are some additional benefits of using SIP trunks apart from the ones mentioned above. For example, there are other optional features available with SIP trunking which can improve the productivity and profitability of your business. For example, there are three-way calling, which is a great convenience for employees and employers. With this feature, an employee can call his boss, direct their fax to the boss, or send emails to their boss. Similarly, there are call forwarding, which enables you to contact clients on demand or at a later time.

Aside from these three features, many companies may also find SIP trunks as an excellent option because they allow seamless intermedia connectivity. In other words, SIP trunks allow all incoming data to be converted into audio and video for use in voice and video applications. In simple terms, this feature allows your business to transfer voice, documents, faxes, and emails between employees, partners, customers, and external clients while using any device with an internet connection. The most common devices used in this process are personal computers, webcams, mobile devices, and web kiosks.

Another reason why you should consider SIP trunking is because of its flexible pricing options. As long as your provider offers this flexible pricing, it is easy to get started with SIP trunks. This allows you to test the system before going full-force with it. Moreover, once your system meets your company’s criteria, it becomes a great choice for your company. This means that SIP trunks give you a chance to enjoy the most features at a price that is friendly for your budget.

To ensure that you get the best out of your SIP trunking system, make sure that you choose a VoIP service provider that is certified integration ready. A certified integration-ready VoIP gateway means that your system is already integrated with the major SIP services, so there is no need for you to upgrade or install anything new. A VoIP gateway also ensures that your company has access to the latest features available in the market. With VoIP gateway installed, your phone system can work as efficiently as a dedicated system without the extra cost and effort.

Perhaps the best reason why sip trunking services are preferred by most businesses is the cost savings that they offer. Most VoIP providers guarantee this cost savings because they want to only deliver the highest quality services at the best prices. Most VoIP service providers can offer you savings on long distance and international calls. Aside from this, long distance calls would be considerably reduced when using a VoIP service provider as opposed to using a normal PBX.

Lastly, there is also the issue of portability when it comes to a VoIP phone system. With a sip trunk phone system, you can easily move from one office to another, without any additional investment and wiring. Most VoIP resellers offer their clients complete flexibility when it comes to deploying their IP telephony solution, which is very convenient especially for small and midsize business enterprises. Now that you have known all the reasons why a company should consider implementing hosted voip solutions, all that remains is for you to find a trusted provider with which you can establish a good rapport and share some valuable information with its clients.