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Business IP Phones – A Good Way to Communicate With Customers Easily

September 24, 2020

business ip phone

There are many advantages to business IP phone compared to a traditional business telephone system. Firstly, IP phone system is cost effective for your business. Unlike traditional business telephone system, which is run through multiple circuits-switched phone network, in case of IP phone system calls are done through the Internet itself. This helps to cut down on cost and increase business efficiency.

Secondly, PBX phone system is highly vulnerable to hackers. They can eavesdrop on the calls by using a microphone or they can manipulate voice data and records the calls themselves. With IP phone system the voice is transmitted directly from the computer to the other end without being monitored by hackers. There is no risk involved as such.

Thirdly, your calls made through PABX system will be routed to whichever end you want them to be routed to. For example, if your customer calls you up and wants to know about the latest development in the business then he/she will be able to hear you through your PABX phone. This saves a lot of time because if you have a call coming in from a customer, you don’t need to call your regular office to get the message across. You can simply use your PABX phone, which will send the message directly to your customer. There is no need for you to go out of office for a meeting, thus saving money.

Fourthly, you don’t have to pay regular monthly phone bill which is charged separately for each branch of your PABX. Since all the calls are made through the Internet, you don’t have to keep any separate phone bills for individual branches. Thus saving a lot of money.

Business phone systems provide you the capability of not only communicating with your customers but also managing your office effectively. It allows you to send text messages or emails as well. You can schedule a meeting, hold conference calls, and even take Skype calls from anywhere at anytime, if your business is taking place around the world.

Business phone systems come with different features. For example, some come with caller ID so that your customers can easily identify the callers and make a direct call to your office without wasting a lot of time in identifying the number. In addition, some business phone systems can enable the caller ID through voice-recognition feature.

Another feature present in most of the PABX phone systems is the facility of VoIP calling. This gives you the facility of making voice calls to any other country of the world and this feature is also provided by your ISP.

It is a good practice to choose the business phone systems that have the latest technologies, and applications as well as features and capabilities. So, make sure that the technology and features are in line with your business requirements.

It is advisable to talk to your telephone service providers before you sign up for any new contract. Since different companies might have different pricing policies and offer different plans.

The installation of a PABX phone system can be very easy if done properly. So, it is highly recommended that you should have a good experience in installing them.

If you are using the internet to conduct all your business tasks, the Internet is not only the medium but also the tool to conduct all your business activities. Thus, having a good IP Phone System will help you make your business more productive and efficient.

There are many business phone systems in the market. So, it is better to do a lot of research to find the right one. In fact, it might be quite challenging to find one that suits you best.