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Understanding Business Trunking and SIP: A Guide for Small Business Owners

June 22, 2021

business trunking

Business Trunking and SIP Service, powered by RingLeader’s IP networking technology is an innovative solution for small businesses that need to maintain business continuity with reduced costs and possible solutions for business interruption, system downtime, and information disruption. Business Trunking helps businesses in answering calls from unreachable destinations, by forwarding calls to the primary business office through Business Phone over VoIP. This can be done manually, automatically, or through integrated access and call forwarding.

IP business trunking provides businesses with a virtual phone system that facilitates unified communications, making it easier to place, receive, and route calls between IP phones and business systems. The use of VoIP for voice and video applications enhances scalability and operational efficiency. Unified messaging services and internet access are also available.

SIP trunks provide businesses with a private local area network (LAN), high-speed internet connection, and a special phone system. Callers can connect to the IP trunk by dialing an eight-digit telephone number and entering the code followed by the server address. SIP trunks offer excellent security, superior reliability, faster transmission, easy integration, and cost savings.

IP PBX allows users to connect to voice and data networks through a private branch exchange (PBX) that interconnects voice and data networks in a private area network. These IP telephones can be bidirectional or multimode.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables users to send and receive calls over broadband or a phone line just like a traditional phone, but over the internet. Companies need an appropriate internet gateway to implement VoIP.

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