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SIP Trunking: Top 5 benefits

November 8, 2021

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SIP Trunking

Are you considering it for your business communications? Legacy PSTN networks are approaching the end of life, making way for the next generation of all-IP networks. Businesses are looking to migrate from their PBX infrastructure to IP. And this could be the answer for many.

Ringleader offers SIP Trunk service called Carrier-Connect as well as many other services. SIP services seamlessly integrates with any on-premises phone system without additional hardware. Thus simplifing your communications with phone service that delivers over a single data connection. 

Here are five crucial benefits:

Support for hybrid environments. Large enterprises can continue to support multiple types of PBXs. Thus delivering a standard set of new capabilities.

Scalability and flexibility. In particular with SIP Trunking, enterprises can dynamically add large capacity as needed. As a result, small businesses can adjust their power consumption in real time.

Cost Savings vs. ISDN. At this time, large enterprises can take advantage of the ability to overlay SIP in their VPN network and reduce the cost of ISDN at each site.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery. With SIP Trunking services, it is straightforward to redirect traffic as well as offer more excellent reliability across the corporate network.

Mobile Support. With the unstoppable move to mobile, many businesses want to extend new capabilities to mobile devices via FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence), as well as all possible with SIP trunks.

Call us at 866.384.3747 to learn more about SIP Trunking and how it can fit into your business phone system. One of our knowledgeable sales professionals will evaluate your current system and offer options for what will work best within your budget. In addition, existing customers save as much as 70 percent on their communication bills.