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Choosing The Right VoIP Phone Service For Small Businesses

January 12, 2021

VoIP phone service for small business is ideal for those who have a low-cost VoIP system but would still like the ease of use and the features that come with home phone systems. The VoIP service from RingCentral allows you to make local, STD, ISD, or toll-free calls for small businesses. To do so, you just sign up for an account and activate the service. There’s no need to configure any hardware or software. This makes it easy to get up and running with your VoIP service immediately.

With the basic plan, you get unlimited local and STD calls for a flat monthly rate. There are three additional plans available from RingCentral: a medium, a heavy, and a super-heavy plan. Each one has its own different features, but all of them provide excellent value and give you the freedom to choose what features you need for your business. You can activate voice mail, call waiting, conference calling, and call forwarding. The basic plan includes unlimited long distance calls at a low rate, and there are tons of advanced features available on the heavy and super-heavy plans.

For example, with the heavy plan you get unlimited calls to other homes and business numbers, even if they are on the same network. If you have a small business with ten or less employees, the grasshopper plan will be perfect for you. The grasshopper will allow you to place phone numbers in its directory, and then it will assign them to any internet protocol device that connects to the web. It will also allow you to assign phone numbers to internet phones that connect to the web using an ethernet cable instead of a traditional phone line. And lastly, the biggest difference between the two plans is the amount of bandwidth that is allowed. With the grasshopper plan you get unlimited internet protocol (IP) bandwidth, whereas with the heavy plan you will have to pay for only the amount of traffic that comes into your office.