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‘CrowdConference’ Service: Reimagine Team Communications

December 1, 2022

New Offering for RingLeaders’ CrowdVoice App Enables Users to Set Up “Rings” to Quickly, Efficiently, and Effectively Connect with Their Network

CrowdVoice App

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – NOVEMBER 28, 2022RingLeader, a leading provider of Cloud-based voice, messaging, and conferencing services for companies, crowds, and causes, today announced the launch of its conferencing platform service called CrowdConference, via RingLeader’s CrowdVoice app. With CrowdConference, users can group team members into “Rings” to quickly and easily schedule and/or join calls, and automatically be placed into meetings without inputting conference credentials via the app. This new service also bolsters the CrowdVoice app by enabling leaders and users to streamline communications with those in their network.

“CrowdConference was built to enable leaders to take complete control of their communications,” stated Neil Darling, founder and president at RingLeader. “For those in charge, collaboration with different groups of people needs to happen in real-time and without friction. RingLeader users will achieve that collaboration with CrowdConference, which will elevate how leaders connect with their team members to get work done.”

CrowdConference, along with the suite of tools available via CrowdVoice, offers the most robust technology that supports flexibility, scalability, and zero downtime that encapsulates everything from day-to-day activities to mission-critical communications. With its emphasis on real-time communications and turnkey capabilities, CrowdConference is much more than an enterprise-grade telecom service and can play a pivotal role in areas such as crisis communications, safety response, event planning, fundraising, first responders, and much more. 

The CrowdConference service can be purchased for $14.95 / month, which includes 12 conferencing Rings that can host 40 participants in each Ring. The CrowdConference tool can be purchased on its own or combined with other offerings via the CrowdVoice app. 

For a short step-by-step guide on how to active CrowdConference, watch this short video

Current and prospective users will need to download the latest version of the CrowdVoice app via iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Microsoft – to access the CrowdConference Platform. Users will see the Conferencing Platform button on the home screen of the app, which will intuitively lead participants through registration, payment, and enrollment confirmation.

RingLeader’s CrowdVoice app is an easy-to-use, all-in-one mobile platform that combines calling, texting, and conferencing. CrowdVoice users can easily invite those in their network — whether through SMS or email — to join the platform and contain all communication in one central location. CrowdVoice’s other services include North American Calling, Message Center, Telephone/Contact Center, and Affiliate Program. With its Affiliate Program offering, participants who bring in subscribers earn credits that lower the cost of their own subscription. 

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