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Co-Working Space: All-in-One Communications App

June 22, 2022

Co-working spaces are gaining increased momentum, especially after the pandemic.

There’s an interest that came from safe work following the pandemic, the need for updated business strategies, and communication that now continues beyond the barriers presented by lockdowns. But you know all about that. We mean co-working spaces are what you do.

There is, however, something a lot of co-working spaces could use, a communications app.

CrowdVoice is changing the landscape of co-working spaces offering a high-value communications platform that is also a potential revenue stream for your business. 

Co-Working Space: What Is CrowdVoice?

CrowdVoice is a secure voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service that gives users three local numbers in three different countries. This allows entrepreneurs and businesses unlimited calling, texting, faxing, video, and sharing to connect with clients in Mexico, Canada, and the United States – all without incurring international charges. 

Advantages of CrowdVoice in Co-Working Spaces

Pre-pandemic, there was a rising work culture of telecommuting. This culture allowed employees the flexibility to work from home or on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean.

But since the pandemic, most businesses are defaulting to this culture. Whether you’re a start-up, an entrepreneur, or a remote worker, there are several advantages to co-working spaces.

Offering a communications app that supports customers’ needs in your co-working space, will give you a competitive edge and a way to increase revenue.

Local  Numbers

When you are looking for a business communication app, getting local numbers should be first on your list.

Most communications apps will offer you one local number which can be limiting. But newer technology has emerged through CrowdVoice. This app allows your business to have three local numbers included in your plan that connect locally in Mexico, the US, and Canada. 

This gives you the ability to call, send text messages, fax, video or share content with your team members or clients in these countries from anywhere at no additional cost. And, you can add as many individuals as you want.

Offering a communications app that supports customers’ needs in your co-working space, will give you a competitive edge and a way to increase revenue.

Instant Messaging

Of course, there is WhatsApp, but if you are looking for a more business-geared alternative, CrowdVoice is the answer. 

CrowdVoice is a great WhatsApp alternative for businesses in need of unlimited and instant messaging solutions. How it differs is that CrowdVoice also includes calling, faxing, video conferencing in addition to instant messaging.

Instant messages will offer your business real-time communication and efficiency. If you are working in a different office or even a different country, you want the ability to instantly receive responses from your co-workers, employees, or clients.

Video Conferencing

Pre-pandemic, video conferencing was very popular with businesses. We are talking about skype and its competitors. But post-pandemic, it has become a daily part of doing business.

CrowdVoice allows for seamless video conferencing for customers to connect with as many individuals as needed. This is a high-value communication opportunity to give your co-working space a modern facelift.


If you need faxing on your team communication app, CrowdVoice won’t disappoint.

Of course, if you are running an office space, you have to have a faxing solution onboard. Though it may sound a little outdated, faxing is far from exiting the workplace. It still remains one of the best ways to send documents, especially those that need signing or carry color.

CrowdVoice offers a faxing service that allows your customers to enjoy unlimited faxing solutions wherever they go – without the need for a dedicated fax machine line.

Secure Sharing Possibilities

There is no way to avoid data sharing in any business. But with the high levels of cyberattacks businesses are experiencing, securing your data has never been so important.

CrowdVoice offers sharing possibilities for your customers while ensuring data security. Its end-to-end encryption keeps all your data safe.

Revenue Stream

Having CrowdVoice opens up a new revenue stream for your co-working space. The communications app can be built-in to the co-working space business model or as an add-on to increase revenue while serving your clients.

Should You Choose CrowdVoice for Your Co-Working Spaces?

If you manage or own a co-working space and you are looking for a communications app, CrowdVoice offers all the solutions important for business communication at a fraction of the cost.

For any industry, communication is integral to business success, and this app will help you simplify communications. Not just for you but also your customers.

It is easy to set-up and use with no hidden fees, no limits, with end-to-end security and privacy. To get started contact us – https://ringleader.co/crowdvoice/

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