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May 16, 2022

Welcome to the #1 Whatsapp alternative!
Privately talk, video conference, message, fax, and organize your crowd all in one app!

RingLeader’s CrowdVoice App is a smart, low-cost way to mobilize communications. When businesses and nonprofit’s have team members in many different locations, RingLeader’s CrowdVoice can provide secure voice, messaging, conferencing, and faxing in one place. Getting the message out in a fast and simple way has never been easier or more secure.

CrowdVoice is scalable to meet demands as they occur. New phone numbers can be added on-the-fly. This is the beauty of cloud-based communications. Doing more business in the cloud means less hardware to invest in. This is especially great news for nonprofits, charity organizations, and small businesses because the hardware is costly and limited. A cost-effective, scalable solution can mean everything for their bottom line.

Download CrowdVoice App today on GooglePlay or the App Store.

Already downloaded CrowdVoice App? Watch this video to navigate your way around the app!

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