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CrowdVoice Helps Promote Positive Change Through Activism

November 23, 2022

Activists Event

Activists are passionate people devoted to their cause. As an organized group, activists wage campaigns to bring about political and social change. Some examples would be causes that involve environmental issues or minority groups, repealing laws that are unjust or challenging unfair leaders.

Like work groups or special events, activists must stay connected so everyone is on the same page and things get done correctly. There is respect and credibility in being organized.

Organizing and Managing Activist Events

After learning as much as possible about your chosen cause, it’s time to put your knowledge into action. To begin, you must collaborate with other like-minded individuals who want to promote change.

Once you find your group, you can connect with them using modern technology and broadcast alerts if something happens that you need everyone to know. You can stay connected with video conference calls, chat, and phone calls.

Some of the tasks involved in your events might be printing signs and t-shirts, organizing food and beverages for protestors, arranging security, and scheduling influential speakers to promote your cause. There is a lot to be done to make a difference; you need everything to go smoothly.

CrowdVoice is a global communications platform that allows teams to stay tightly connected.

How CrowdVoice Can Help Your Events

CrowdVoice is a global communications platform that allows teams to stay tightly connected. This all-in-one collaboration tool includes all the features you need for activism campaigns.‌

Some of the ways that CrowdVoice can help include:

Seamless Collaboration – CrowdVoice makes staying connected look easy. You can set up sub-groups called “Rings” and reach everyone in that group with the touch of a button. You can easily connect with one person or many by phone, video, or chat. You can also send out broadcast messages to instantly alert the group of breaking news.

Private and Secure – Obviously, you don’t want anyone to know your plans before the event. CrowdVoice uses military-grade encryption to keep all your communications private and secure. The app includes protection against scammers, spam calls, and malicious attacks.

Powerful Features – CrowdVoice includes powerful business features like unlimited phone, text, and video calls, faxing, and three local phone numbers based anywhere out of the US, Canada, or Mexico, so you can maintain a presence in those countries. There are no limits, ads, international charges or other hidden fees, or verification. Anyone can join CrowdVoice. It also includes powerful analytics so you can view your monthly usage.

Affordable – Activist groups often work off a shoestring budget. Thankfully, the CrowdVoice app is free with affordable, scalable upgrades to meet your group’s needs.

CrowdVoice is a downloadable app that works on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It’s quick and easy to download the app and sign up in minutes with no contract.

Get Started with CrowdVoice Today

Contact CrowdVoice.app today if you want to learn more about how to use this powerful communications tool for your activist events. You can download the app for free and be up and running within minutes.