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CrowdVoice Makes Running Marathon Events Smoother

November 16, 2022

CrowdVoice Makes Running Marathon Events Smoother

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Running a marathon can test your commitment, stamina, and strength. It is also a great way to connect with other like-minded people and become part of something bigger than yourself.

If you are the one organizing the marathon event, you need to be efficient in keeping track of all the details, like participants, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, town officials, permits, and everything else, so the event runs smoothly without a hitch.

Organizing and Managing a Marathon Event

Organizing a marathon is a big deal. It involves picking a date, choosing a course, obtaining local permits, and hiring volunteers, security personnel, and vendors to help out. You must also stay in touch with all the runners, the promotional team, and volunteers.

You will need medals, numbers for each runner, and water to pass out along the course. There are a ton of details and paperwork involved. The key to keeping it all together and ensuring everyone is on the same page and informed of the latest updates is seamless collaboration.

Communicate effectively with all groups to manage your next big marathon or other events right from a mobile device.

How CrowdVoice Can Help

CrowdVoice is an all-in-one collaboration solution that works with teams all over the globe. Communicate effectively with all groups to manage your next big marathon or other events right from a mobile device.

Some of the ways that CrowdVoice can help you include:

  • Global Communications – Connect instantly with one person or everyone on your team using phone, video, or chat anywhere in the world. You can even set up sub-groups using “Rings” and connect to that group with the touch of a button. For example, if you want to update your marathon security team quickly, you can tap your security “Ring” and be connected to all of them at once.
  • Secure Platform – CrowdVoice is a mobile phone app that uses military-grade encryption to secure all your communications and protect you from scammers and malicious attacks. All your phone calls, chats, and videos are completely private.
  • Affordable – Marathons are often charity-based or low-budget. The CrowdVoice app can be downloaded for FREE and is loaded with features like unlimited calling, messaging, videos and voice conferencing with built-in analytics to monitor your team’s usage. You can also upgrade to get three free phone numbers with your account based out of the US, Mexico, or Canada, so you can establish a local presence.
  • Powerful Yet Simple – When running any type of event, the last thing you need is hassles. CrowdVoice is quick and easy to set up and loaded with great features. Never worry about ads, hidden fees, or limits. You can be up and running within 5 minutes. CrowdVoice works on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • No Limits – Enjoy unlimited inbound and outbound calls to anywhere in the world. You aren’t tied to any contract and can cancel at any time.
  • Easy to Set Up – simply download the app on your mobile device and get started for free.

Get Started with CrowdVoice Today

Contact CrowdVoice.app today if you want to learn more about how to get started using CrowdVoice for your next marathon, or you can download the app and sign up within minutes.