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CrowdVoice vs. Telegram

November 25, 2022

Technology is rapidly evolving, and many companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to get into the game. Communications platforms are extremely popular these days, but not all are created equal. To get an idea of the differences, let’s compare CrowdVoice with Telegram.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free, unlimited messaging app focusing on speed and security. The app allows you to send files, messages, videos, and photos of any size to any recipient. You can set up a “group” to connect with certain people about specific subjects. It also includes a broadcast feature to alert your contacts of new information immediately.

However, Telegram has been in the news lately for becoming cybercriminals’ communications platform of choice. The open-source nature of Telegram makes it easy for hackers to make changes to the code. The group feature allows bad actors to find one another and connect easily to plan ransomware attacks or data breaches.

Even worse, some hacker groups use the platform to attack other users with malicious files and malware or steal credentials and other private information. The anonymous nature of Telegram makes it easy for threat actors to use the app without detection from law enforcement. The security flaws in the Telegram system put other Telegram users at risk.

What is CrowdVoice?

cybersecurity image

CrowdVoice is a well-respected all-in-one collaboration platform used by individuals, groups, and businesses to stay connected around the globe on a mobile device.

The service uses military-grade encryption to keep hackers and cybercriminals out and all your calls and messages private and secure.

It includes unlimited calls, messages, videos, and faxes, along with three free phone numbers based out of the US, Mexico, or Canada. There are no ads or hidden fees, and you can connect with anyone regardless of location. You can set up groups called “Rings” to communicate with specific people instantly. You can also send out broadcast notifications to all your contacts. It works perfectly for staying connected to colleagues, vendors, customers, clients, and friends.

The CrowdVoice App is free with affordable upgrades and has built-in analytics to view your group’s usage.

CrowdVoice is a well-respected all-in-one collaboration platform used by individuals, groups, and businesses to stay connected around the globe on a mobile device.

How do They Stack Up?

These days you can’t put a price on privacy and security. Because cybercriminals have taken over Telegram, it is risky to use for your business or professional operations. The free price tag may be enticing, but the security vulnerabilities are not worth the hassle. If you get hacked, it is tough to repair the damage to your identity and reputation.

In terms of features, both CrowdVoice and Telegram match up comparably. However, where CrowdVoice shines is in its unmatched security and reliability. When using CrowdVoice for all your private communications, you can trust that they are secure and encrypted. CrowdVoice is not open-source software, so that no one can tamper with the code and your data is not shared.

Another big bonus with CrowdVoice is that you get three free phone numbers you can assign to the US, Canada, or Mexico to maintain a presence in those countries.

The Bottom Line

Download the CrowdVoice App for free and start your professional, private, and secure communications for all your groups.