FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, Dec. 13, 2016  – By now, many have already heard the news that RingLeader, Inc. has purchased EtherSpeak, Inc. Thankfully, RingLeader, Inc. was able to incorporate the entire EtherSpeak team into their new Business Solutions department, meaning that EtherSpeak customers who have a working relationship with their EtherSpeak support and sales staff need not to worry! The EtherSpeak team has been busy informing its customers of the good news and getting them ready to switch over to RingLeader, Inc. Both teams at RingLeader and EtherSpeak are very excited in anticipation for this acquisition to finalize on January 1, 2017. If you are a current EtherSpeak customer and have not yet received contact from the EtherSpeak team on this transition, please call (866) 384-3747, Ext: 1 so an EtherSpeak agent can review the upcoming changes with you.

Update on the RingLeader App:
RingLeader’s programmers are making great progress on the RingLeader App. Many functions of the app are even completely finished. The RingLeader pilot program should be officially launching in only a couple short months. If you or your organization is interested in signing up as a tester for the RingLeader App, please enter in your contact information at https://RingLeader.co/FAQ.


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