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Different VoIP Call Rates Available To You

January 20, 2021

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol can really be called as a revolution in our telecommunications industry and one of the reasons is its amazingly cheap call rates. To use this service you just need an internet connection. It has brought forth a major change in the world of telecommunication, and it is indeed a very big boon to those who still have landlines. Here are the basics about VoIP and how it all works.

What is VoIP? VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol and that is exactly what makes it so unique from the regular phone. This is what makes your calls easy and convenient to make calls from your mobile phone using the internet. This is also the reason why you can get special discounts and offers on your phone bill when you avail of a VoIP account or switch to a VoIP provider.

VoIP providers offer several plans to their customers. They are known by different names like IP phones, broadband phone, mobile connections and so on. The most common plan offered by VoIP providers is the so-called ‘bundle’ plan. With this kind of plan you get the services of a normal telephone service plus the facilities of a digital telephone line for making free VoIP calls. To avail of these services you need to purchase a router (which is not required with the bundle plan) and a set of internet phone adapter cards. In most cases you will have to pay an extra connection charge, but it is usually only a few dollars.

This plan is ideal if you do not need much bandwidth and if you only use your mobile phone for making local calls. You can just use the phone in order to dial numbers and make free VoIP calls. It offers a very low rate of call transfer and distortion. This is the reason why this kind of plan is popular among students and small business owners.

Next there is the hybrid plan, which has fixed prices and unlimited calling features. This plan works just like a normal telephone plan but it also allows you to make free VoIP calls even when your mobile phone is switched off. You can use your VoIP account to send and receive calls and even make calls to another person even if you are not present in front of them.

The other option is the so-called ‘auto dialer’ service. This service can work just like a regular auto dialer except for a few limitations. It can place calls directly to your mobile or to your landline number. However, it cannot call your VoIP accounts or send voice mail as part of its services.

Finally there is the fixed VoIP call rates. These are generally higher than the other two options, because they are based on the actual usage by users. As long as this number remains consistently active, a fixed VoIP charge will be applied every month until it is cancelled. If the number is not used for a month, then it will revert to a floating rate.

But for business VoIP services, it is advisable to choose a variable VoIP rate, which can fluctuate according to the market conditions. For instance, in a down economy, the fixed VoIP charges may prove costly. On the other hand, during an up economy, it is more likely that a mobile user will appreciate the benefits of a zero rate plan. And the best way to test these plans out is to use them for a limited period. After the testing period is over, you can decide whether you need the mobile service or not.