RingLeader announces acquisition of EtherSpeak, Inc.

etherspeak_logoFREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, Dec. 1, 2016  – RingLeader, Inc. announced today that it will be acquiring EtherSpeak, Inc. effective January 1, 2017.  RingLeader, Inc., a new company formed to address opportunities within the mobile applications market, is developing a crowdvoicing ™ mobile application platform and is acquiring EtherSpeak, Inc., a North American communications—as—a—service provider, to further expand its reach into the telecommunications market.  EtherSpeak, Inc. has been a nationwide player in the business communications space since 2003.

EtherSpeak, Inc. released the following statement regarding this acquisition, “The EtherSpeak team is still actively recruiting value-added resellers (VARs) for our Channel Sales and is committed to continuously growing our customer base under the new company, RingLeader, Inc.  Innovative, secure and reliable Voice-over-Internet will continue to be a large focus of our future as we join forces with the team at RingLeader, Inc. This is a very exciting time for all of us at EtherSpeak, Inc. as we are looking forward to using this opportunity to be able to bring our customers even more new and innovative VoIP solutions in the future.”

Regarding this acquisition, EtherSpeak’s management team has stated that there will be no changes to existing EtherSpeak customer contracts, pricing, and serviceability as RingLeader, Inc. is slated to take over operations next year.  Neil Darling, EtherSpeak, Inc’s CEO has been named President and CEO of Ringleader, Inc.  Please visit www.ringleader.co/faq for more information on this acquisition.

If a customer has immediate questions on EtherSpeak, Inc.’s acquisition by RingLeader Inc., please contact the EtherSpeak Sales Department at (866) 384-3747, Ext. 591 or email your question to sales@etherspeak.com.  For questions on billing, contact the EtherSpeak Billing Department at (866) 384-3747, Ext. 594 or send an email to accounts@etherspeak.com.

Media Contact: Sales Department, RingLeader, Inc., 866-384-3747, ext: 591, Sales@EtherSpeak.com

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