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Everything You Need To Know About Truth Social

November 22, 2022

Truth Social, a new social media app by former United States president Donald Trump was launched into a crowded social media universe that has seen several new options emerge in recent years.

Many of these new social media sites explicitly present themselves as alternatives to more established platforms, especially by opposing free speech restrictions they say are rife at other sites.

Will there truly be “free speech” on Truth Social?

Probably not.

Truth Social has rules and terms of use like any other social network. Users who have been accepted into the beta program have shared that certain types of content have been hidden.

Some users have reported that their accounts have been banned as well.

What is the “missed step” error in Truth Social?

Despite just launching, the new social media platform suffered technical glitches with users getting error messages.

Login issues are just some of the glitches on the Truth Social app. Some users who attempted to sign up received an error message preventing them from even accessing this platform.

“Oops, looks like you have missed a step,” reads the error message some have received when attempting to input their email address.

A large share of those who regularly get news on Truth Social says they are very or somewhat satisfied with the experience, while 25% are very or somewhat dissatisfied and the rest give a neutral assessment.

Barely introduced as a concept, the Truth Social platform was already hijacked in October. Now that’s where CrowdVoice comes in.

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CrowdVoice offers secure voice, messaging, video conferencing, and faxing using a single, easy-to-use app with no hidden fees or strings attached.

What’s more?

Unlike Truth Social, which is currently only available for people in the United States, you can receive unlimited calls on CrowdVoice from anywhere in the world and make unlimited outbound calls from the United States, Mexico, or Canada. Anyone can use CrowdVoice and best of all it is free, easy to set up with no contract. Download the crowdvoiceapp.com now and put the power of the communications in the palm of your hands.