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Features That Are Features Of The Best VoIP Monitoring Service

January 29, 2021

Finding the right VoIP monitoring application can be quite difficult. With the thousands of options out there, one might assume that finding the right one would be a breeze. Actually, finding the right one is quite the opposite. Thankfully, though, the options available today are much better than ever before. For some businesses, however, finding the right VoIP monitoring solution is the only thing that matters. With so many VoIP providers out there competing for your business, it’s important to consider several things before settling on one particular service.

Fortunately, there are many VoIP providers out there that are quite reliable. With such a plethora of companies offering the same basic features, finding the right one can be a rather difficult feat. Luckily, there are thousands upon thousands of free, open source, and commercial VoIP monitoring tools available. Some will suit you very well and your specific business requirements, and others will not. To help you decide, here are a few of the key characteristics that you should look for when reviewing VoIP calling applications.

Metrics – One of the main features of any VoIP application is its ability to collect metrics from calls. Just like a traditional telecommunications tool, such as a phone or mobile device, an application will measure the length of time that each call is active, the average call length, and the number of calls handled during a single session. These types of basic metrics are used to gain a basic understanding of how effective the VoIP system is to meet its goals and services. Many VoIP providers offer detailed reports for a nominal monthly fee that allows for comparisons between different plans. If you’re looking for the most in-depth information available, then look for dashboards that integrate with these customer measurement tools.

Call recorder – An important feature that all quality providers offer is the ability to listen in on phone calls being made by the service itself or by a selected set of select customers. By using voip monitoring tools, you can quickly identify problems areas, enabling the proper adjustments to be made. This feature is especially useful when troubleshooting issues with out-dated VoIP equipment, software, or networks. If you’re not sure if your entire network is functioning correctly, you can use the built-in call recorder to listen in on just the people involved in your VoIP calls, ensuring that every aspect of the conversation is being properly recorded.

Colocation – The majority of people who use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) today have realized the benefits of switching their phone numbers with the majority of providers. However, there are still those who are hesitant to do so, mostly because they fear the high costs associated with relocation. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, which is the specialized voip monitoring system. These specialized systems will record the details of any and all phone calls being made or received, allowing you to easily see exactly what is going on.

Alarms System – One of the key features of a quality voipmonitor system will be the alarm system. This will go directly to your email, which will allow you to respond quickly to any issues that may arise. The alerts system will also work in conjunction with your packet loss metrics, as the two will work together to ensure that problems don’t happen in the first place. This will give you an added level of security to your business, especially in the event of a serious problem that could impact your customers or other personnel.

Jitter Analysis – Another key feature that your best voip provider will offer you is the ability to analyze jitter, which is basically excessive traffic on your network. If it exists, this can create issues with your servers and eventually even your clients’ connection. The solution that most providers offer is called packet loss detection. This will basically alert the user that their internet connection is suffering from a problem, whether it is excessive jitter or a lack of availability. With this information, you can troubleshoot the issue and figure out what is causing it. Depending on the severity of the issue, you might be able to automatically shut down your server or re-route all of your phone calls to another location.

Latency Compensation – This is an option that should be considered, particularly if you are using voice over ip for your VoIP calling needs. This will allow your voice quality to remain nearly constant while reducing the amount of latency that exists. Latency is created when your computer attempts to send a signal to the person you are speaking with at the other end. If the signal is delayed, the individual is not receiving your call, and vice versa.