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Finding an Affordable VoIP Trunk Provider

January 11, 2021

The SIP Trunking Provider Registry (STP) is used by the Softphone industry to find a cheap sip trunk provider and then subscribe them to the Softphone system. The system is mainly used by the telephony operators and other companies that use voice over internet protocol. The service can be found out for free, but sometimes has charges.

There are mainly three ways by which we can get a cheap sip trunk provider. The first and most popular way is to search the internet for a local company which offers cheap sip trunk services. This is usually done through a reverse phone search. The other ways are to go directly to the telephone companies and ask for their cheapest packages or to contact the networking companies which specialize in voice over IP services.

This is the peak time period in which all major telephone companies are offering cheap sip trunk. Sometimes it might even offer fixed lines as well. If you are looking for some cheap peeks at this time, you must try out the weekends. The peak period usually runs between the first and second week of February, which normally is inclusive of weekend and public holidays. The market is very competitive during this period. If you are lucky enough, you will get some really cheap packages as well.

The second best way is to use a broker. You have to register yourself with a broker that specializes in voice over internet protocol. They will provide you with some really good options for a low price. In fact, sometimes they offer fixed lines as well if you are looking for some really good deals during this period.

The third way is to contact a networking company that works in South Africa. These companies usually have tie ups and partnerships with other networking companies. They offer cheap sip trunking as well as other solutions that can give you instant relief from telephone charges. In fact some of them also offer free video teleconferencing with conference calls. During this period you can contact your friends and colleagues for better efficiency.

Another great way to find a cheap sip trunking solution is to look for an internet company or web host which offers webinars. There are many companies that host webinars nowadays and one of them is SIP Mediation Server. There are many advantages associated with SIP mediation server. First of all, you will not have to pay any registration fee. Furthermore, it will allow you to attend different webinars hosted by this company at absolutely no cost.

On Monday, February 22, 2021, you will be able to find a seminar called “SIP Trunking for Enterprise VoIP”, during which renowned telecom expert Albert Perrie and Richard Holle will be discussing the latest updates in VoIP technology. On the Wednesday, march 24th, the same seminar is being hosted by Cisco. There are many more conferences that are organized regularly to discuss issues related to VoIP technology and this can give you a fair idea about cheap SIP trunking solutions.

On Monday, February 22, you will be able to find a seminar titled “Cisco’s Critical Pathways”. During this seminar Ravi Sen is scheduled to deliver a keynote address. In the last two years, Citibank has merged with Viava to form a new company named Citibank CV Solutions. On the Tuesdays, march 24th, Robert Knight will be giving a keynote address on the same subject. If you are a regular attendee of these seminars, then you will know that on Monday, march 24th, Robert Knight speaks about his latest findings on high risk VoIP carriers.