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Finding the Best Internet Telephony Provider for Your Business Phone System

April 19, 2021

Internet Telephony Service Provider can be defined as a company or a person who provides internet telephony service. An Internet telephony-service company provides digital telephone services over the Internet, which is then provisioned through the Internet. This means that your calls can be placed anywhere in the world at an affordable cost. Most Internet telephony companies provide unlimited calls to any landline or cell phone number. You can also get Internet Telephony services from online sources like web portals and on.

There are two kinds of Internet Telephony Service Providers namely CDPD and FONSI. The most popular ones are GSM providers like GSM International and Siemens, which provide global positioning system signals along with internet connection. The second kind of Internet Telephony Service Providers are CDPDs which offer local toll free access and include the feature of unlimited calling plan for domestic users. Some of the major internet connection providers like Japan Telecom, KDDI, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Three Mobile, Sky, and Virgin have started providing internet calling services. These companies offer VoIP services as well.

AT&T is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in the US. The founder of AT&T was Robert McKee. He came up with the idea of a phone service plan for the needs of small business in the country. Since its establishment in 1963, the company has grown phenomenally and today it provides services to homes as well as small businesses.

AT&T started out its business by manufacturing and selling vacuum tubes. Today, it manufactures various kinds of high-technology equipment like routers, switches, phone networks, and data transmission systems. It also has its headquarters in the town of San Antonio, Texas. The company operates from its four floors located in San Antonio.

Another giant in the VoIP industry is Motorola. It was founded by Motorola founder and former CEO, Motorola Foundation. It too has its headquarters in the town of San Antonio. Since its establishment, the company has grown phenomenally and today it provides services to homes, and small businesses as well as to corporate users.

Links International is another provider that provides 1-voip calling through its official link. The company also provides other phone services as well. It is one of the founding members of IConnect, an organization that manages telephone connectors.

Clients of Links International include companies that operate their own corporate headquarters as well as virtual PBX service providers. Links International offers virtual PBX solutions along with its wide range of cable and internet phone services. It also provides its clients with its award winning virtual PBX software solution. All these have helped Links International to expand greatly and it has positioned itself to be a leading provider in its field.

Clients of Vonage, on the other hand, use its internet telephony service provider to make phone calls over the internet instead of using a conventional phone line. It does so by using its Virtual PBX software. In this system, a company’s employees can make calls from any location through their connection to the internet. As long as there is a high-speed internet connection, Vonage participants can enjoy voice communication at a cost that is much lower than what they would pay for conventional calling facilities. Since it operates over a secured network, it can guarantee that the voice quality is good.

In addition to the above-mentioned firms, there are other international calling options available for web-based phone services. These include Vonage, which offers virtual phone numbers for international calling at a lower rate. This is done through a process called “cheaper connectivity”. Another firm, GlobalStar, offers “unified communication” through its global phone services. This includes conference calling, videoconferencing, and video-conferencing services.

In choosing an international calling provider, you need to consider the cost of voice and data usage, as well as the level of reliability and speed of the internet connection. A reliable internet connection is required to make effective use of one’s business phone system. If you can’t afford to pay high fees for international calling, you can always go for a prepaid phone service, which works similarly like a cell-phone plan. Still, if you are connecting to a high speed internet connection, it might not make sense to pay for a business phone system that requires a lot of data transmission speed.

It’s also important to check the customer service and support levels of the firm before deciding to sign up for a contract with them. Most firms offer free voice messages after a certain period of time as a trial feature. This is a good way to test their customer support, as well as their system. However, some firms don’t provide free voice messages as a trial feature, and after the trial period, they will charge you for voice messages. It’s best to check these features before you sign up for any contracts with them.