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Free Phone Number in Canada

July 18, 2020

It can be tough to keep in touch with friends and family who live abroad. International calling runs up a phone bill really fast and nothing is worse than feeling rushed on the phone or not being able to connect due to fear of the financial penalties. Online communication apps are quickly changing the digital communication world, and RingLeader’s CrowdVoice is leading the way in evolving how we stay connected. CrowdVoice is a cloud-based calling service that is ideal for families, small businesses and teams looking for fast and effective means of communication in Canada. By providing users with a free number in Canada, this savvy tool lets you keep your loved ones close for less.
What is a Free Phone Number in Canada?
How can something related to mobile services be free? It sounds too good to be true, but virtual telephone numbers are changing the way we connect around the world. Virtual telephone numbers, also known as direct inward dialing (DID) or access numbers, are phone numbers that are not associated with a telephone line. Think of these numbers as a gateway between traditional calling platforms and the internet. Using a virtual Canadian number will save you money and keep you connected to friends, family, and even coworkers in Canada.
Is it Safe to Use a Free Phone Number in Canada?
Unlike other online communication apps and calling cards, CrowdVoice provides its users with encryption services so your conversations stay your own. Your data is kept safe with end-to-end encryption so you can communicate important information without stressing about privacy. Not only does CrowdVoice keep you protected from online threats, but it also provides dynamic emergency calling for your free number and will connect you to local emergency services.
What Sets CrowdVoice Apart from other Free Phone Numbers in Canada?
With CrowdVoice, you can call, text, chat message, send pictures and videos, and even fax around the world without having to worry about international charges building up. CrowdVoice provides you with a free Canadian phone number, bringing you closer for less! Not only do you have the option to choose a unique Canadian phone number, but you also are provided with a number for the United States. With unlimited inbound and 500 minutes of outbound calling per month, you get the most out of a free phone number in Canada. This online communication tool goes the extra mile and provides its users with a custom voicemail and caller ID.
Get the Most from a Free Phone Number in Canada
With unlimited inbound callings, CrowdVoice is your go-to communication provider. Gain access to a free Canadian phone number without the hassle of dealing with callings cards. Loved ones can use your virtual Canadian number to call without being charged international fees. For families and workers separated by borders, CrowdVoice is an ideal alternative that lets you stay connected without your conversations being cut short due to high calling costs. High international fees are a thing of the past. With RingLeader’s CrowdVoice app, staying in touch has never been easier. Click here to learn more.