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Healthcare Communication – A Need for Change

July 6, 2022

Healthcare Communication: Current research indicates that ineffective communication among health care professionals is one of the leading causes of medical errors. So, an estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers during the transfer of patients.

Patient safety and outcomes will improve with an efficient communication platform. CrowdVoice communication app is a one-to-one and one-to-many voice and messaging tool that can help. So, as healthcare networks become more complex, CrowdVoice advances telemedicine and facilitates physician consultations.

Businesses dealing with COVID-19

Communication among health care professionals is challenging for multiple reasons:

  • Healthcare professionals, especially since the pandemic, are in cognitive overload. And the effects of stress, fatigue, distractions, and interruptions contribute to poor communication.
  • Healthcare is complex and unpredictable, with professionals from various disciplines providing care multiple times throughout the day and often at separate locations.
  • Healthcare Communication failures commonly occur during shift changes, when a patient’s care is handed over to a different caregiver. 
  • The educational curriculum for most health care professions focuses primarily on individual technical skills instead of teamwork and effective communication.
  • Care providers act independently. Because of this they often have their own views of the patient’s needs.

With CrowdVoice, medical professionals can see their patients wherever they are.

Most importantly, CrowdVoice is HiPAA Compliant and allows you to:

  • Engage in telemedicine while following data privacy requirements. Because the software can provide a secure video conferencing connection within the practice’s secure, data-compliant network. And video conferencing also can allow medical professionals to examine patients virtually or conduct field training with live visuals.
  • Instantly message patients to book appointments, reach administrative staff and discuss concerns directly with a doctor.
  • Instantly fax prescriptions to pharmacies on a mobile phone without needing a dedicated fax machine line.
  • Share patient records and research findings privately.
  • Facilitate information sharing between hospital departments and with other institutions.
  • Maintain open lines of communication between hospital leadership and those around them.
  • Easily generate new numbers and extensions quickly on a mobile device – no tech needed.
  • Host all your unified communications in the cloud versus more costly physical servers. But voice, video conferencing, faxing, messaging, and sharing can happen anywhere from a mobile device or desktop computer, with no separate phone line needed.
  • Connect with staff and patients anywhere in Mexico, Canada, and the United States with three local numbers without incurring international charges. 

With CrowdVoice, medical professionals can see their patients wherever they are. Send/receive calls and text messages to one or multiple locations. So, in-home care specialists, mobile clinics, and doctors can easily communicate to labs, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, in-home care agencies, small private practices, and hospitals.

Here are key results of having an effective communication platform:

  • Improved quality of care and patient outcomes.
  • Enhanced patient experience.
  • Better patient satisfaction scores.
  • Reduced healthcare costs.
  • Less stress and burnout for clinicians.
  • Increased productivity.

Communicate with your Healthcare Communication team as if you are in the same room using CrowdVoice App. Because, CrowdVoice allows healthcare professionals to collaborate with team members, other hospital wings, and locations. So, it allows an unlimited number of teams, specialists, and institutions to join the same network – with just a simple download of the App. It’s that easy.

There’s no need for expensive phone systems or multiple platforms to manage. But, the entire phone system runs on your mobile phone. As long as you have your mobile device, you’ll never miss a call. RingLeader’s CrowdVoice App brings straightforward voice communications and messaging. No other tool is as easy, affordable, and effective.

Get up and running quickly –simply download the App on your phone. So, no administration is needed! The App is intuitive and easy to use. Contact us for more information.

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