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How CrowdVoice Compares As A WhatsApp Alternative

June 1, 2022

Worldwide, 4.48 billion people use social apps. The average person uses over six mobile apps to connect with others. 

When looking for a mobile app that offers message and video conferencing services, there are lots from which to choose. For example, CrowdVoice and WhatsApp alternatives are two of the most popular mobile apps businesses use. 

If you rely on one of these two social apps and need to know which is better, CrowdVoice or WhatsApp, this article will help. So let us guide you towards a better messaging and video conferencing experience for your business.

How CrowdVoice Is Different From WhatsApp 

One of the main differences between the two platforms is how they handle your privacy. Since both apps are great for business communication, the way they handle data is extremely important to you and your customers. 

WhatsApp’s parent company is Meta, formerly known as Facebook. The company recently was caught in multiple data leaks and scandals. They are well known for releasing millions of users’ data on the dark web and inviting criminals to hack into users’ accounts and steal their identities.

CrowdVoice is an app you can actually depend on every day.

CrowdVoice ensures that your business’s data is secure. The app is powered by RingLeader, a company that knows privacy’s importance. This is why CrowdVoice uses end-to-end encryption to protect users’ data, messaging, and video conferencing. 

The company even offers users multiple phone numbers, instead of one, to ensure security. No one can attain your personal phone number unless you give it to them.

Ultimately, this means you, your colleagues, and your clients are protected from any potential monitoring or data leaks. WhatsApp’s deep ties to Meta means the company does not promise customers the same privacy. 

The Benefits of Using CrowdVoice Over WhatsApp

Charges for CrowdVoice’s services never varies. WhatsApp charges different fees for businesses that use their social app. This is based on who initiates the conversation or how many messages you send overall. For example, CrowdVoice charges a flat fee which means there is never a surprise hidden cost or strings. 

CrowdVoice’s subscriptions are flexible. Whether you use them for one day or one year, the service’s subscription is customizable to fit your business’s needs. For example, WhatsApp’s subscription for companies is standard and is not flexible to suit individual needs.

WhatsApp does not have a version for your computer. You can only use these services when you have a web browser open and if the platform is open. For example, CrowdVoice has a version for a business computer or your cellphone via the Apple, Google Play, or Windows app store. 

CrowdVoice is also a service your business can rely on. WhatsApp is known for not working at times and even has its own page on Downdetector, a site that tracks the outages of faulty mobile apps. CrowdVoice is an app that is dependable every day. 

CrowdVoice Features That Make It Unique

You can download the app and start calling for free. We are confident that once you upgrade to $15/month, the video conferencing app is the right choice for your business. You get better value, features, and security – all based in the U.S.

Additionally, CrowdVoice is supported by a live support team to respond when you need help. This key feature makes CrowdVoice stand out against other messaging apps, incluing WhatsApp alternatives, that do not offer support. 

Other features include faxing services. Although this may seem outdated to some, professionals trying to communicate with the office from a remote location may find this helpful. CrowdVoice also eliminates some everyday annoyances. For example, the app has no advertisements. Multiple phone numbers provided help to protect you from telemarketers. 

How CrowdVoice Can Help You Stay Connected With Your Friends, Family, and Clients

CrowdVoice will allow you to take your business endeavors across borders without incurring extra charges. Whether traveling through the United States, Canada, or Mexico, you can make unlimited international calls and messages without international fees – which can add up quickly.

The connection does not end with a high-quality phone call. You can also message, video chat, voice call, fax, and chat in groups with your friends, family, and clients whenever you need to, no matter where you are.

How to Get Started With CrowdVoice

The CrowdVoice social app is a quick and easy set-up to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world.

After downloading the mobile app, you just need to enter your basic information. Then, by selecting the country you would like a phone number from and entering your actual phone number. You need to enter a PIN sent to your phone, answer a quick call, and then begin video conferencing!

Start your free trial with CrowdVoice, the WhatsApp alternative. There are many benefits to take advantage of; a local presence with 3 numbers, unlimited worldwide calling and messaging, end-to-end security, and privacy – with no international charges or strings attached!

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