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Crisis Management: How CrowdVoice Works for Schools

June 15, 2022

Today’s unfortunate reality is the school day can change at any time by an emergency. It’s unthinkable that situations unfold at the school needing urgent crisis management. A real stretch of the imagination too uncomfortable to give credence to.

In times of an emergency, speed of information and communication can make the difference. Especially in a life and death situation. So, when a crisis comes unexpected, having a streamlined communication plan in place is important. Because you need to reach everyone necessary in as short a timeframe as possible could help to save lives.

Crisis management communication applications like CrowdVoice Appp delivers fast and effective messaging. Preparing for the worst might be unpleasant but not half as unpleasant as wishing you had prepared. Read on to find out more.

Crisis Management Plan For Schools

They say failing to prepare is preparing to fail; it’s an old adage that has stood the test of time for a reason. But no matter how true that might be, planning for disaster is sure to mitigate the worst of a dangerous situation. So, not having a serious, applicable plan in place to protect those in your care is no longer an option.

During an emergency, getting the word out to as many people as quickly as is a concern. With CrowdVoice, the number of people you can add to the communication platform is unlimited without incurring extra fees. Administration staff, students, parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, and the police, can immediately and securely receive the group message whether it be voice, text, or fax.

Furthermore, with every moment spent unaware of the situation, each person involved misses an opportunity to escape or to intervene. With so much modern-day technology as well as not having a communication system in place in case of emergency, can spell disaster. The proper use of a solution like CrowdVoice is just the thing to help connect all quickly.

In times of an emergency, speed of information is crucial. Communication can make the difference between life and death.

Reliable, Affordable Communication Platform

CrowdVoice makes everyone who should know of an unfolding situation aware as quickly as possible. The importance to be able to contact everyone who needs to know at the press of a button cannot be overstated. CrowdVoice has no ads, no limits, no verification processes, as well as no hidden fees.

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable communication platform to keep staff, students, and parents in the loop, CrowdVoice delivers on all fronts. The app makes it easy to invite anyone and start communicating immediately. At the first sign of something untoward, you can notify everyone at the same time, saving precious moments.

The thought that the knowledge of an impending disaster could have averted it altogether would be a painful error in retrospect. Hindsight is 20/20. You only have to look at past examples to understand the importance of having a crisis plan.

End-To-End Security and Privacy

Messages are encrypted on CrowdVoice, with end-to-end security and privacy, making it the perfect option for students to make their concerns heard. Oftentimes children are the ones to notice if their peers are acting strange or saying anything which could be cause for grave concern.

Being made aware that a student is showing signs of mental illness is the first step to helping them. The world is an unforgiving place, and people are choosing to lash out more frequently than ever. The solution to these scenarios starts with supporting the mental health of everyone.

Secure data and privacy are needed for private messages being sent between students and their counselors, parents, and teachers, and so many other relationships within the school district. CrowdVoice provides this security.

Why The CrowdVoice Communication Platform?

CrowdVoice offers unlimited worldwide calling and messaging to reach your connections anywhere at any time without incurring international fees. This is helpful for travelling students and parents as well as staff to keep them informed. A message on CrowdVoice speeds up the process of getting everyone on the same page considerably.

Having a defined line of communication for information is key as all users of the application will understand that receiving a message over CrowdVoice is important school information and to pay attention.

Why The CrowdVoice Communication Platform?

The CrowdVoice communication platform is the answer to a lot of questions when concerning yourself with the safety of the students under your protection. It is easy to set up, use and any questions or concerns will be answered by the CrowdVoice inhouse support team.

Everyone can understand the importance of a reliable crisis management plan for schools and feel much more secure with one in place. We know that the job of an educator has never been as stressful as it is today. With the aid of CrowdVoice, you’ll lose a little less sleep knowing that, at the very least, dependable lines of communication are in place.

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