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How to Avoid Buying Cheap Trunking

January 15, 2021

Buying a cheap trunking scanner for your home or business is not difficult but you need to know what you are looking for. You can find a range of trunking devices on the market but only some of them are suitable for you and your business needs. You can find both brand new and refurbished models, and they come with a range of different features. Some of the features to look for when buying a cheap trunking scanner are:

A quality product will have a high-quality waterproof fastening mechanism and a sturdy locking mechanism. Most quality devices will have an integrated locking system which means you simply push a button to lock or unlock the trunking lid. Some models may also be able to be locked and unlocked from the keypad using biometric technology such as fingerprint scanning. Most cheap trunking lids are manufactured from either hard plastic or vinyl, although they are available in a variety of other materials.

Look for high performance – when you buy a cheap trunking device it’s important that it performs at a high standard. Trunking units are often used by home and business owners and need to be robust and have excellent light transmission. Check that the model you’re interested in has an integrated biometric scanner so that you can ensure your employees and home users have an access card that matches the same fingerprint as the printer that manufactured the lock/key.

Look for durability – good quality cheap trunking devices are constructed from solid, rugged materials such as stainless steel. You will usually find a metal casing with an interior that is covered in an attractive, protective, anti-reflective surface paint. The exterior surface is then coated in a variety of different colours. Most modern cheap trunking devices will have a range of easy-to-install accessories including telephone jacks, key-fob remote controls and telephone wall-mount brackets. These additional accessories can add to the security and quality of your cheap trunking system. Consider a model with a double-sided tapered locking mechanism for added strength and reliability.

Choose a model with a long cable run – the longer the cable the better. Most modern locks and key-fobs require a minimum of 8 feet of length. As a result, look for a model that offers this length of cable. As the cable runs between each pulley, the larger the diameter of each pulley affects the lock/key weight capacity. The larger the cable the lower the weight capacity.

Make sure the locking mechanism engages only on one side of the door. Locking mechanisms that engage both sides can be easily fooled by burglars. Some locking mechanisms are operated using codes or wireless remote systems. Look for a quality product that has an effective locking mechanism that is simple and easy to use.

Make sure there are no signs of wear or damage. The door panels will need to withstand a lot of abuse over the years. They will also need to resist weathering and general wear and tear. This means you should avoid cheap trunking products that have faded, rusted, or have had plastic replaced. Remember, these areas are most susceptible to theft and damage.

Take note of the overall quality and robustness of the entire range you are considering. Poor quality can be very dangerous and cause problems during installation. Also, poor-performing cable assemblies could mean you encounter delays in getting access to your property. Avoid using cheap trunks that have low-quality cables and wire harnesses.

Trunking systems can be installed either above or below grade. Installation above grade will provide more security and better range of motion. Make sure that any metal parts on the trunking system are fully powder coated to avoid corrosion. In addition, consider the distance between the opening and any obstructions you might have. If the opening is too close to anything, the trunks will not be able to clear the obstruction and fall off.

A heavy duty cable is essential in transporting cargo over long distances. When choosing the type of cable, look for high quality products that are guaranteed for long term performance. The cable needs to be long enough and able to withstand heat, cold, and moisture. Check the insulation value of the product before purchasing. The better the insulation, the more reliable and safe it will be.

The last thing to look for when buying cheap trunking products is the customer service. Trunking companies with friendly staff and a good reputation are more likely to provide quality products and service. A good company will give you an ample warranty and will fix any problems with the wiring in a timely manner. Be wary of cheap trunking solutions that do not have these guarantees. You don’t want your money to go to waste!