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How to Choose a Small Business Phone System

February 11, 2020

While phones are increasingly given a bad rap compared to email and other digital communications tools, everyone knows that picking up the receiver is the best way to get a response. Sales people also know that phones are one of the most effective tools for converting the curious into clients and customers. That is why picking the right small business phone system is absolutely critical to any small business. Today, we wanted to share a few tips for finding the right phone system for you and your business, and what to look for in a phone system provider.

1. Look for the Right Options

Thanks to the integration of phone and internet, the new small business phone systems available can offer you a wide variety of features and options. These can include anything from unlimited internal lines to analytics and tracking of phone calls and conversions.

With a wide breadth of features available in even your most basic small business phone system, it is important to get a plan that has the features you’ll use, and not just features that sound cool. Like the cable packages of yore, some packages will end up making you pay for features that your business will never use, making them an unnecessary expense. Always go for the plans that get you the right features at a reasonable price.

2. Prioritize Quality Voice

Most small businesses phone systems today incorporate a digital or internet-capable system for enhanced features and tracking. While this does increase the capabilities of your phones far past a plain old phone line, it also means that voice quality can suffer if the service isn’t high definition. When picking a small business phone system, be sure to make sure that you can get consistent and high-quality voice service. After all, what use is a phone line that consistently cuts out or makes your calls illegible? This will obviously mean that your internet package is able to handle multiple high-quality voice calls, but lower quality phone systems can sacrifice this key quality in the name of low prices.

3. Pick a Plan that Can Grow with You

Your company is growing and changing along with your industry. There isn’t a sector on the plan that is the exact same as it was five or ten years ago. That means you need a small business phone system that can grow and adapt to you and an ever-changing world. While many phone system providers will try to lock you into a fixed plan with very little room for growth, it is absolutely necessary to pick a plan that can adapt to your success.

When it comes to picking the right small business phone system for your company, you should always pick the plan that has the options you need and the flexibility you require. RingLeader has a number of plans available for small businesses that can help them grow and succeed, and can adapt to meet their ever-changing needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our phone plans for small business can help you reach new levels of success.