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VoIP Phone: How to Choose a Service Provider

April 18, 2022

Good business starts with good communication. Some ground rules can help you ensure good contact regardless of your industry or business’s specific needs. For example, some technologies can help you improve your communications game, like switching over to VoIP phone service. However, as mentioned, not every business is the same, so how can you know if you’ve found the right service provider for you?

What is VoIP Phone?

VoIP phone service allows your traditional phone services to be operated over computer networks. This means your phone system will use the same high-speed broadband or cable connection as your internet. It also means you can use and be reached through those traditional phone services from anywhere, provided you have a network connection.

How does it work?

VoIP phone service uses packet-switched protocols to convert your voice into a digital signal. This allows you to place or receive calls directly through your computer (or through a VoIP phone or another data-driven device). Once converted into a digital signal, your voice is further converted into a packet that can be transmitted through any VoIP-compatible network, including a LAN (local area network).

What features should you be looking for?

It all sounds great—but how do you know a service provider is the best one for you? The right one will offer the features and quality you need at a price that works for your business. Here are some of the features you should be looking for.

1) A price point that works for you

Your VoIP should significantly reduce your costs if you switch to it from traditional phone service, but don’t expect this will automatically be the case. Compare VoIP phone service providers to ensure that the features you need aren’t costing you more than you were hoping to pay. You aren’t paying for features you don’t actually need. And don’t forget to review international call rates for the countries you will need to connect with. Some providers may have higher rates for specific countries. So pick the provider that best matches your needs.

2) It’s all about quality

VoIP can offer your business many benefits that will contribute to your ongoing success. Still, poor-quality VoIP phone service will inhibit that success. Make sure the provider you choose offers good voice quality, especially if you will use it to communicate with your clients. Make sure it will integrate well with other services you already use (like Salesforce, G Suite, Dropbox, etc.).

3) Do some research into the reputation of the company

There have been incidents where a company purporting to offer the best VoIP phone service has gone MIA shortly into the contract. Do a little research to ensure your chosen provider has a little longevity and stamina, and check out consumer reviews to see what comparable businesses thought of their services.

4) Extra features

The most important thing is to choose the features that can work best for your company. For instance, the best VoIP phone service providers will offer a full-featured mobile app in addition to the standard call-forwarding option. This shows features like business SMS, advanced voicemail, and portable convenience.

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