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How to Choose the Best VoiP Phones

February 16, 2021

The best VoIP Phones you can purchase include several companies that have established themselves as leaders in VoIP technology. Great VoIP services at a very good value. Great features packaged into a perfect package. Many VoIP Phones now comes with all the basic features that most small businesses require. And generally, they cost much less than $100 a month. With a combination of a high quality internet connection, state of the art hardware and software, and a competitive package, these affordable VoIP providers are making it possible to incorporate VoIP into your business model.

best voip phones

The best voip phones usually include at least one of the following key features. These typically include an integrated headset device, which connects the user to their chosen VoIP service from just about anywhere with a high speed internet connection. This includes public WiFi hotspots and coffee houses. A two way video conferencing feature is also available as well as video calling and web conferencing.

Other features available on the best voip phones of today are call forwarding and toll-free conference calling. Most small business VoIP service plans include the conference calling and call forwarding features, as well as the ability to use a computer as the central office phone number. This allows many calls to be placed to a single number, or to multiple numbers within a small office or network. This reduces expenses related to multiple individual phone lines.

The best voip phones offer users the ability to purchase their phones and software via the Internet. This eliminates the need to go out to a retail store to make the purchase. It also allows you to compare features and pricing between various providers in a short period of time. When you buy your service plan online, you won’t even need a credit card. There’s no obligation to stay with your current provider if you change plans, and no obligation to continue with a bundled deal if you decide that your needs require a more flexible plan.

When you shop for the best voip phones, you should also consider the additional features that can come as standard with your chosen model. For example, some plans include a 24-hour call center that will place all of your incoming calls through an operator and route them to your selected phone. You can then connect to your chosen VoIP service and have an operator call you at any time day or night. In addition, if you require video conferencing, your phone can provide you with this feature while you are on the road.

One of the best voip phones that is on the market today is the VOX Starrett Knighton VHF-powered polycom VXORPG 4015 with Video Conferencing. This phone has everything you want from an inexpensive entry level VOIP phone. It comes with a large speaker so that you can clearly hear the person on the other end of the line, it has large buttons and large volume controls, it has a large display for easy reference, and it has touch sensitive screens. It even has an automatic attendant that will call you when your video conferencing session has been completed.

The VOX Starrett Knighton is also equipped with robust internet connectivity. If you need to stay connected to the internet while you are away, you simply need to hook up an ethernet cable to your laptop. Your phone will also work with any WISP (wireless network service) that offers this capability. This makes this a very cost-effective phone because it is one of the best voip phones that you can purchase. If you have an older polygon or a standard voice system you may want to consider upgrading to the VOX Starrett Knighton or the VOX Yealink T49G.

These phones offer many features and capabilities that make them excellent choices when choosing a voice phone for your business. If you are looking to purchase a new telephone system, check out what the best VOIP phones currently on the market can offer you. You can get the best IP phones for the money when you shop around and compare models. VOX is definitely the best company out there when it comes to communication systems and this telephone is just one of the many offerings from VOX. Get the right phone and you’ll be more productive than ever.