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Is CrowdVoice a Good Google Voice Alternative?

June 8, 2022

When Google Voice was first released in 2009, it made quite the impression. It was a new technology, pushing the box of innovation further. 

Sure, Skype was there. But it didn’t offer the integrated solutions that came with Google Voice. The smart number feature is what gave Google Voice a competitive edge.

But with time came more innovations and applications, newer VoIP services that were looking to cement themselves as Google Voice alternatives. 

In this piece, we will explore a new Google Voice alternative, smart voice app, and see how well it fairs against its competitor Google Voice.

What Is Google Voice?

It is a  Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP that gives users the freedom of internet calling. It became so popular because account holders could place voice calls directly from their Gmail without having to get a new number with every call.

Additionally, it allows users the liberty of choosing between a personal or business account depending on their needs.

What Is CrowdVoice?

CrowdVoice is yet another offering by Ringleader that allows users to have three local numbers outside their actual phone number. This alternative offers users the option of staying connected locally even when they are abroad with its international calling feature.

CrowdVoice is at a better price range with a wide range of features that other apps do not encompass.

What Are the Similarities Between CrowdVoice and Google Voice?

Below, we are going to compare features between CrowdVoice and Google Voice that make them so similar we consider them competitors. From international calls to unlimited messaging, several features put these two voice apps on par.

International Calls 

With Google Voice and CrowdVoice, account holders can make international calls at low prices or for nothing depending on the selected plan with either services.

Google Voice allows you to make voice calls to PCs and smartphones in the US and Canada for free. And CrowdVoice takes it a step further and even offers free calling to Mexico as well.

Local Numbers

We cannot compare voice apps without discussing the local number feature. On both Google Voice and CrowdVoice, you can get a local number to use internationally. This means that if you want to place a local call to a phone or landline, through this feature on your social media apps, you can.

Unlimited Messaging

In the late 2000s, when instant messaging first came up, it was weird to come across anyone without an instant messaging service on their phones. This is even more true in 2022.

Like with any social media app, these voice apps provide the convenience of instant messaging. You can text anyone from your smartphone or even your browser. For as long as the device is connected to your account, you can text away.

And should you change and lose your phone, your messages remain intact in the archives section.

End-to-End Encryption

If you or your business has ever been a victim of a leak or scam, then you know how important data security is. Both offer end-to-end encryption security to ensure your messages, either personal or professional remain secure.

Having your data secure can save your business from identity scams and reputation disasters. The latter is a nightmare to overcome, especially as you start weaving your way to regain customer trust.

What Are the Differences between the two apps?

Though Google Voice has first market advantage, there are several features that it lacks. Below we will get into the differences between these two services.

Price Point

Google comes at a price point of $10 a month, while CrowdVoice goes for $15 a month. The price factor is not a very direct comparison factor though, because it also factors in the different features offered on each plan.

Included Fees

At $15/month CrowdVoice offers no extra fees, not even for international calling. Look at it this way, with CrowdVoice, you can be in the Philippines for a vacation or maybe to meet potential clients, but your US-based customers can still reach you at no additional cost to them or you. It would be like them calling you while you are still in the US. 

Google Voice however has a few international fees you should bear in mind that can add up quickly. When you call international numbers from your phone, standard rates will still apply.

Local Numbers

Though both services offer local numbers for you and your business, CrowdVoice has a leg over Google Voice. 

Google Voice offers only one number with free calling to the US and Canada, while CrowdVoice offers three different numbers, local in the US, Canada, and of course Mexico. This way, you can have a local business number for your clients in these different regions, making your business more reachable.

Conference Calls

On both smart voice apps, users can get the option of conference calls, but at different capacities.

Users on Google Voice can connect with only 10 of their employees or clients at one time.

While CrowdVoice allows you to get on a business call with 15 people at once. That is better capacity, especially if you are looking to have a morning staff meeting with a group of remote employees.

Is CrowdVoice a Good Google Voice Alternative?

CrowdVoice can hold its own against Google Voice. It is at a better price range with a wide range of features that Google Voice doesn’t encompass.

So, if you are looking for a VoIP service that will allow you to make a local call from abroad at no extra price, give you unlimited text and allow for group conferencing, CrowdVoice is a decent Google Voice alternative out there.

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