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Make Your Calls Through Internet Calls With SIP Trunking

January 19, 2021

A SIP number supports an unlimited amount of telephone calls simultaneously. Unlike a standard telephone number, once you’re in an established call, you can easily take another call without it being charged. This is the reason why SIP telephone number is widely utilized as a call center number or tele-switchboard s number. It provides several advantages, the foremost of which is the price factor. Since your call consists of a single number, there is only one fee associated with it.

The SIP telephone system is provided by the companies that provide VoIP services and it uses IP numbers as well as softphones. SIP is actually a protocol that is embedded inside an IP packet, so it is called IP Telephony. VoIP has been designed for voice communication over the internet using internet protocols such as GSM, CDMA, GPRS, TDMA, FLEX, etc. The basic purpose behind VoIP is to replace the traditional telephone system. It makes use of the IP network, instead of using the more costly PSTN lines. You can make calls from your laptop, PDA or mobile device.

One way to make the most of your SIP trunking number is to associate it with your domain name. So, when people make calls to your business or personal website, they will be directed to your SIP numbers and not to your normal telephone numbers. With this, they won’t have to type in the numbers to be directed to your business or personal website. You can also set up your own SIP numbers and assign different extensions for different purposes such as internal and external e-mail addresses, and call screening and management.

There are various advantages associated with using SIP numbers. First and foremost are that it helps you in managing the traffic on your web pages. SIP numbers can be used to control e-mail addresses and handle the voice and video traffic on your website. For example, if you have a video presentation, you can record the voice as well as the video and then route the calls to your e-mail address so that it can be viewed by the audience irrespective of the location of them. You can also record your presentations and publish them online, thereby, making it possible for your audience to receive the video presentation even if they are not connected to the internet.

Another advantage of using SIP trunking is that it allows you to test and manage the connectivity of your internet connection. If there are problems in your internet connection, it would be difficult to connect to a video conference or an audio conference at the same time which can result in a lot of inconvenience for the users. If you test your internet connection through your sip number, you would be able to establish what the problem is and you can immediately take steps to improve it.

The SIP trunking works similarly to a phone. For example, when somebody calls your mobile phone, the call will be transferred to your permanent telephone number which is given in your mobile card. Similarly, when a voice call is made to your mobile phone, the call is transferred to your permanent telephone number and that is registered with your mobile phone company. In this case, your call will be routed to the correct sip number which is associated with the user of the voice and data calls. Thus, when the calls are made and received, it is evident which is the user and which is the number involved.

SIP trunks allow you to receive voice and video calls without being attached to any internet connection. Thus, you do not need to be worried about internet connection since you would not be receiving any call through your mobile phone. This makes it possible for people to attend calls from their laptops, mobile phones and IP phones. Thus, if you have an IP phone or a notebook, it would be possible for you to receive calls anywhere.

SIP trunks are generally offered by service providers who enable VoIP service through phone numbers. Therefore, it would be possible for you to obtain sip enabled phone numbers for a low cost and in bulk. You can acquire these at a much reduced cost compared to purchasing separate IP phone lines. You can also look out for packages and deals that offer services of combining all types of phone lines into one.