What is RingLeader Unified and how is it different than RingLeader SIP Trunking?

(FREDERICKSBURG, VA) RingLeader SIP Trunking is our standard SIP service where we connect your PBX to the internet to allow you to make calls online, instead of over analog cabling. Unified is our hosted VoIP service which uses a cloud-based PBX, so no additional hardware is needed.

RingLeader Unified is perfect for small or micro-businesses who do not have a PBX in their building. To get started with RingLeader Unified, all you need are compatible IP phones and a RingLeader Unified subscription, and you’re ready to start making calls!

Both RingLeader Unified and RingLeader SIP Trunking have the potential to save your business loads of money compared to a traditional analog phone system. However, RingLeader Unified has the potential to save you EVEN MORE because you don’t need to take on the cost of additional hardware!

Still not sure which solution is right for you? Contact us today!

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