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Crowd Connect For First Responders

May 30, 2017

CROWD CONNECT – First Responders Depend on VoIP

(FREDERICKSBURG, VA) In a crisis, which thousands of our local first responders encounter every day, nothing is more critical than accessing superior communication, voice quality, and coverage. Many of our nation’s first responders are now leveraging VoIP to enhance their communication and ability to respond more rapidly to calls.

VoIP technology can greatly benefit these first responders because limitations exist for their current toolset. To give you an example, radios are an excellent tool for immediate communication during a crisis. However, when first responders are off-duty, they may not take their radios with them everywhere they go. Therefore, we created a solution that provides instant, reliable communication over the hardware that we already use every day, our personal mobile smartphones.

RingLeader’s new “Crowd Connect” technology will allow up to 40 first responders to connect via the push of ONE button from their “RingLeader”, bringing everyone onto one unified conference call. The ability to quickly and easily connect and communicate with everyone involved in a crisis or disaster is the first step in ensuring the situation is handled promptly and appropriately.

We think that this technology will revolutionize the way that first responders instantly convene for an emergency meeting. If you’re a first responder and are interested in bringing the RingLeader App to your organization, we would like to speak with you. Give us a call at 866-384-3747 or send us an email at partners@ringleader.co.