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Need Help with Comdial PBX Voicemail to Email Configuration

December 19, 2019


We onboarded a client a while back who left their internal IT guy on shaky terms. He had an old Comdial PBX system setup and apparently not too long after we took over we found that the PBX System stopped sending voicemail to email. The only thing we can think of that was done in the time frame was a firewall upgrade and a SMTP server was moved from one server to another.

We have dug all through the PBX System and different config files but cannot seem to find any entry that would indicate where we could change that address. We are not phone vendors nor are we familiar with a system as outdated as this. Had anyone had experience with a Comdial PBX or one similar that could walk me through where to look to get this up and running again?

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