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Need some direction. ESI-50

January 20, 2020

This may be the wrong place for this, but I thought maybe you guys could help. At my law office which employs about 15 people, we’ve had some turnover and some office shuffling. Unfortunately, this means that the phone speed dials are all labeled incorrectly. And even more unfortunately, I am the designated “IT guy”. My experience with phone systems is pretty basic: I’ve messed around with FreePBX in the past.

This is what I’ve gathered. All of our phones are ESI 60 ABP Digital (rev.b3) and the server is an ESI-50. One of the other attorneys tells me that the people who installed the system (can’t remember who), installed software on a PC that is no longer operational, that was capable of changing extensions and speed dials, etc. This sounds reasonable as I’ve been able to find reference to programming software, but I can’t find a download anywhere. Seems like the thing should just have a web interface, but maybe that’s me living in 2020. haha.

Any help would be appreciated.

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