In June 2004 the American Psychological Association published an article by J. Richard Hackman, PhD, called “What makes teams great?” In the article Dr. Hackman argues that great teams are driven by very specific leadership qualities and team characteristics. However, for many, effective teamwork continues to be a major hurdle in the business world. The RingLeader team found inspiration in the study of team psychology by Dr. Hackman and other experts and are now developing a mobile app called RingLeader focused around creating and managing an effective team.

In this blog post we will present why our RingLeader mobile app fits the bill as an effective team management tool that can help mold effective teams using Dr. Hackman’s criteria. Dr. Hackman argues that these are the 5 unique characteristics of an effective team:

  1. The team must be interdependent
  2. The team must have a clear objective
  3. The team must have a structure that enables progress
  4. The team’s social system must provide the resources that members need to carry out their work
  5. The team must have effective coaching available to correct mistakes

Interdependence: The RingLeader app will ensure your team is interdependent on each other by giving the RingLeader the ability to assign team members to specialized call groups to ensure their duties are oriented towards their specialization, instead of relying on the team members to all be a “jack of all trades”. In other words, within a small business that uses the RingLeader mobile app, sales teams can focus on sales and accountants can focus on accounting, and when they need to collaborate they can easily do it.

Giving a clear objective: The RingLeader app ensures that team members have a clear objective because the app gives the RingLeader the ability to provide oversight to their group. By monitoring phone usage statistics, call recordings, and giving the RingLeader’s the ability to send and receive status updates with their team, they can ensure that everyone understands the objective and is working as efficiently as possible.

Progressive social structure: With the RingLeader app, the team’s social system ensures that team members have the resources they need. For example, if one call group is getting more work than another call group, the RingLeader can easily reallocate personel to other groups to ensure that the organization is running as efficiently as possible.

By utlizing a single communication platform such as the RingLeader app, the structure of the RingLeader app will enable groups to easily collaborate with other groups or speak to the RingLeader to make quick decisive decisions. This ensures that progress continues to move forward and that there is no organizational impediment getting in the way of achieving the team’s objective.

Ability to coach team members: Finally, coaching is easy with the RingLeader app, both from one’s colleagues and the team’s RingLeader. By having the entire team on a single communication platform, the RingLeader app, team members can quickly contact each other via voice, chat, or media attachment message. This ease of communication ensures that leaders can stay in constant conact with their teams and team members can get the assistance they need from their leadership. The ability for RingLeaders to view group and individual call statistics also helps identify which team members are in need of coaching. 

To read J. Richard Hackman’s full article on “What makes teams great?” follow this url:

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