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Number Portability with CrowdVoice

January 4, 2023


When you switch phone carriers, one thing you must think about is phone number portability. There are also other considerations, but this is perhaps the most critical because you don’t want to lose your existing number.

What is Number Porting?

Porting a phone number means taking your existing cell phone number and transferring it to a new carrier. Porting will disconnect your phone from the old service so you can start using it on your new provider’s network. Porting your phone number is optional. You can also release your old phone number and start fresh with a new one.

Porting a phone number means taking your existing cell phone number and transferring it to a new carrier.

How Does Number Porting Work with CrowdVoice?

When signing up, you can port your existing 800 and local phone numbers to CrowdVoice. It’s easy and seamless. However, when you sign up, you also get three local numbers from the U.S., Canada, or Mexico to use for business. You can use those numbers however you like and even keep your existing number private.

Why Choose CrowdVoice for Business?

When selecting a phone carrier for your business, you have dozens of options available. Along with the opportunity to port your existing numbers over, some of the reasons that CrowdVoice is an excellent choice include:

  • Affordable – The CrowdVoice app is free with no hidden fees, international fees, verification, or ads. You can also opt for the premium plan, which includes even more enhanced business-related features and costs only $19.95/month.
  • Global Communications – Stay seamlessly connected to your team worldwide. You get unlimited inbound and outbound global calls on CrowdVoice. Vendors, partners, and associates using the platform can connect with you through the CrowdVoice app.
  • Feature-Rich – CrowdVoice offers robust features like unlimited text, talk, and video conferencing. Other features include fax to email, global calls, and three local phone numbers to use for your global presence in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada.
  • Collaboration Tools – Easily stay in touch with your entire team globally using the CrowdVoice cloud platform. Use “Rings,” which are contact groups to instantly reach everyone for a group call, video, or text message. Broadcast breaking news to everyone right through the app. Collaborate with your whole team or sub-groups using CrowdVoice’s built-in tools. You also get powerful analytics to review your usage each month.
  • Safe and Secure – CrowdVoice was built with privacy and security in mind. The app uses military-grade encryption to keep all your phone calls, messages, and videos safe and secure. The system is also equipped with tools to prevent malware, identity theft, hacking, and phishing attempts.
  • No Contract, No Hassle – You are never locked in with CrowdVoice. You don’t have to worry about a commitment or contract with CrowdVoice. The platform is completely hassle-free, extremely easy to set-up and you can cancel at any time.

Learn More About CrowdVoice

Go to crowdvoice.app today to learn more about how to use CrowdVoice for your business and port over your existing phone numbers. You can also download the app and start setting up your account within minutes.