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Revolutionary Communication for Education

August 17, 2022

As education technology is increasingly becoming integrated into the school curriculum, it’s more and more necessary to provide alternative methods of communication and collaboration between students, educators, and parents. The primary purpose of the CrowdVoice app is to provide a form of communication that has maximum flexibility.

CrowdVoice is an excellent tool for education. What is CrowdVoice?

CrowdVoice is an internet calling app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to communicate freely without any limitations and interruptions. Additionally, it is an easy-to-use, secure freemium app for video conferencing, calling, texting, faxing, sharing, and more.

It is an excellent tool for education to bring technology into learning. With the flexibility to communicate through voice, video, or text – administrators, parents, teachers, and students can now have a direct, personal way to talk and connect.

student improving her education by using technology

CrowdVoice allows teachers and administrators to communicate effectively with parents and students at home or school to improve the education experience.

What are the features of CrowdVoice?

With CrowdVoice, you can enjoy fully encrypted calls & texting between all mobile app users, without any limits, worldwide.

  • Security and privacy as well as end-to-end encryption app-to-app
  • Fax-to-email, voicemail-to-email, and of course video conferencing
  • Voice, chat, group chat, SMS messaging, together with custom caller ID
  • Unlimited inbound calling as well as unlimited outbound calling to the US, Canada, and Mexico
  • Unlimited worldwide calling and also messaging between app users
  • Up to 3 international or local phone numbers, not extensions

How does CrowdVoice help the education sector?

The app is simple to set up and use and offers features to help administrators manage students and provide parents with real-time access to information and updates.

CrowdVoice allows teachers to effectively deliver course materials, lesson plans, and assignments via video chat, audio conference, texting, and group messaging. In addition, educators and parents can communicate with each other to facilitate learning at home and school.

The teacher and student community can collaborate on ideas and make learning more enjoyable. Teachers can communicate directly with each student and respond to their questions with instant feedback and recommendations. At the same time, students can ask their teachers questions and receive immediate responses, thus improving learning and creating a personal bond between the teacher and the student.

For parents, CrowdVoice offers a unique platform where they can communicate with their children’s teachers, track student performance, and view test results. Furthermore, they can receive information about their child’s homework and schedule changes.

Is CrowdVoice Secure?

With the increasing interconnectedness of the digital landscape, even individuals are at risk of cyberattacks. For example, many hackers use malware, phishing scams, and other tricks to infiltrate a business’s system, stealing valuable information that can lead to substantial financial losses.

CrowdVoice encrypts user data using robust cryptography in an end-to-end (E2E) process. E2E is the most secure form of encryption for communication between two parties. Because all data is encrypted and stored on servers, cybercriminals cannot access information or perform other malicious activities.

Bottom Line

Parents and students can communicate effectively with teachers and administrators using CrowdVoice at home and school. It enables educators to share teaching materials and assignments. Parents can communicate directly with teachers to request updates on class schedules and progress, report any issues, and request modifications. Students can also participate in group discussions and video conferences.

If you want to learn more or receive a free live demo of CrowdVoice app, click here.