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Starlink and CrowdVoice, The Perfect Pairing

July 27, 2022

Mobile phones have revolutionized our world, making it easy to reach anyone, anytime. However, certain remote areas don’t have the necessary infrastructure to support wireless service. Thankfully, RingLeader has devised an innovative solution pairing the CrowdVoice app with Starlink internet service to provide phone and internet virtually anywhere on the planet!

CrowdVoice App Features

RingLeader uses the CrowdVoice app to provide cloud-based secure voice as well as messaging, video conferencing, faxing and sharing via the internet. So, CrowdVoice app is perfect for small businesses or teams far-flung across the globe without access to landlines.

Sarlink and CrowdVoice app

The app works seamlessly on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android not to mention users can grab the apps through the App Store and Google Play or download them directly from RingLeader.

RingLeader offers a low-cost solution for worldwide calling with no extra fees or service charges. When signing up, you get three free phone numbers (in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico), and you can cancel anytime; you don’t have to sign up for a contract.

Additionally, CrowdVoice uses end-to-end encryption, so all your voice calls, videos, and messages are safe and secure. You can even mask your personal phone number with a different number to protect against identity theft or fraud. Some of the benefits of CrowdVoice are:

  • Ad-free
  • Without limits
  • Zero hidden fees
  • No international fees

Using CrowdVoice, you can reach anyone anywhere worldwide without worrying about spyware as well as call monitoring. CrowdVoice makes connecting with your entire team easy without the usual hassles. The service is ideal for healthcare, hospitality, professional services, retail, and other industries that need fast, reliable global communications.

CrowdVoice and Starlink are perfect together. They offer remote rescue workers, commercial businesses, and world travelers the optimal solution for staying connected no matter where they are in the world.

Starlink Features

Starlink is Elon Musk’s broadband internet service that uses satellite technology to bring fast internet to remote areas of the globe. The service is new and exciting! And offers rural areas high-speed internet for streaming video, calls, messaging, and other online activities that were impossible before. The system is ideal for rural parts of the United States and other countries that don’t have access to the internet for education, communication, recreation, and emergencies.

Starlink technology uses the “vacuum of space,” where info travels faster than fiber-optic cable. It can reach remote areas of the globe in milliseconds. Starlink works through a network of satellites 35,000 km above the earth. Due to the low-orbit, users enjoy super-fast internet anywhere. The network was installed and engineered by SpaceX and is multiplying, intending to cover the entire planet within a few years. SpaceX has been launching rockets regularly for the past few years, expanding the satellite network. Starlink’s mission is to offer affordable, high-speed broadband internet to everyone. To date, the network includes roughly 2760 satellites and eventually will total 10,000+.

In the past, reliable internet was impossible in many rural areas of the world but now, just about anyone can stay connected using Starlink and CrowdVoice. In addition, Starlink is continuously improving speeds and coverage to reach even more people.

The Benefits of Combining CrowdVoice and Starlink Together

CrowdVoice and Starlink are the perfect pairings. They offer remote rescue workers, commercial businesses, and world travelers the optimal solution for staying connected no matter where they are in the world.

To remain competitive, StarLink and CrowdVoice can be used for fast internet regardless of where you are. Business executives who travel the globe need reliable connections and fast service. CrowdVoice and Starlink provide a secure encrypted framework so you can stay safe and secure while getting business done.

CrowdVoice uses Starlink’s internet service to provide cloud-based wireless voice communications worldwide for voice, text messaging, video conferencing, and even faxing.

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