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Hospitality Industry: Use One Powerful App

July 13, 2022

It’s been quite the year, but with vaccines circulating and consumer confidence returning, there are strong indications the hospitality industry is ready to turn a corner. And consumers are looking to travel, attend events, and go out to eat more often, experts are not predicting a full recovery until 2023. Now is the time to ensure you have an effective communications strategy so customers are happy and return.

A secure internal communication solution is essential to relay information for efficient operations between management, employees, and guests. So the cloud-based CrowdVoice app is one tool recommended for the hospitality industryUnlimited voice and messages can be sent and received as well as sharing, faxing, and video – all from a mobile phone. There is no need for landlines or other devices like walkie-talkies.

There are many benefits to having the powerful CrowdVoice mobile app as a communication tool in the hospitality industry. For example, you can add an unlimited number of people to the conversation for one low flat rate. And your staff will feel more connected to the company, its vision, and its goals, improving employee morale and productivity.


An unlimited number of calls and messages to a total amount of people – all on a mobile device:

  • Important announcements and health and safety protocols (e.g., COVID-19 requirements) can be updated and distributed quickly.
  • Respond to guest requests more efficiently.
  • Guests can collaborate quickly with concierge services.
  • Loyalty program updates can be provided to guests during their stay.
  • Promote merchandising throughout an event.
  • Restaurant chefs can communicate menu changes immediately to waitstaff.

Connect with 3 local numbers in the US, Mexico, or Canada – no hidden or international fees!

  • Stay in touch with clients, partners, and customers overseas with unlimited worldwide calling and messaging.

Communications are secure and private with end-to-end encryption:

  • Respond to hostile emergency situations quickly.
  • Transmit contracts securely for reservations, excursions, timeshares, etc.
  • Private direct access to security staff.
  • Encourage employee feedback with management – two-way communication builds trust. It enables management to become aware of issues they might not know about.
  • Understand guest needs and experiences by requesting feedback during and after a stay.

Video conferencing and sharing on the app:

  • Demonstrate new recipes for the restaurant.
  • Train staff on new promotions.
  • Highlight an artist, speaker, or musician for an event.
  • Train and onboard new staff members.

Build a good communication plan with the CrowdVoice app. This allows everyone you work with and others to connect. And will improve overall productivity and deliver a seamless experience for guests and clients. For example, CrowdVoice is easy to set up by downloading the app, does not require a contract, and comes with a low affordable flat fee.

Many consumers have become accustomed to using apps on their smartphones. So they expect the same convenience at hotels, restaurants, and events they attend. This mobile-first solution is an affordable investment you can offer your guests to stay ahead of the curve.

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