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CrowdVoice Vs. Telegram for Young Users

December 27, 2021

crowdvoice Vs. telegram

There have been recent concerns in the media about how a new messaging app can be dangerous to younger users. We are comparing CrowdVoice Vs Telegram and make it easy for you to make a decision.

Telegram is a free app available to both Android and iPhone users. However, some of its features are dangerous to younger users. This includes its secret messaging option. These are messages that will delete after some time, and encrypted video calling, VoIP, and file sharing.

CrowdVoice Vs. Telegram

VAC Child Advocacy Center‘s MDT Facilitator warns that these two features makes it unfit for all young users. “The secret chat option allows messages to time out, whether a day, an hour, or a week. So, if a message or an image were to time out, it would be virtually impossible to get it back. Making it difficult to keep that child protected,” the Facilitator says. 

CrowdVoice has a high level of privacy. And parents who monitor their young user’s communications will be happy to know that the messages do not disappear. Plus, their messages do not end up in the Cloud for others to gain access to your young user. Instead, CrowdVoice is a safer option. This is great for younger users to be able to communicate with friends and family in private with the ability to see activity when reviewing their phone activity.

Another great benefit

Another great benefit of using CrowdVoice is that it’s free! Here is a scenario: Say your child is at home with a device that is on Wi-Fi but does not have paid service to be able to make a phone call. With CrowdVoice App, you can access your child through a video call, phone call, or messages as long as there is an Internet connection. There’s no need to spend all the extra money on a mobile plan for your kids. And you will never have to worry about your child’s safety while using the App. 

Give CrowdVoice a try by downloading it in any of the App stores, or visit here to learn more.

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