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The Advantages Offered by Small Business Phone Systems

April 11, 2020

Being a small business that is growing means that your needs are ever evolving. When it comes to giving off a professional vibe to your clients and potential clients, having a high-quality phone system with advanced calling and collaboration features is going to be key. Upgrading old style PBX phone systems to more modern small business phone system is a breeze and can offer numerous advantages for you and your business to handle anything you need.
Bringing You Features That You Need
If you have been using an older PBX phone system, you know how expanding and maintaining its features can be a hassle. If you need to add extra phones, or new reroutes, it can take valuable time, and expense to set up the changes; and if you need to add conference calls and other collaborative features you may not even be able to within a small budget. When you switch to small business phone systems that use cloud-based systems, there are numerous call management features that come free with it such as rule-based call answering and call screening. With newer digital systems, you can also easily expand to include video conferencing features, or integrate with digital tools you already use, such as Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook or Dropbox.
Save Money and Time
When it comes to maintaining a PBX phone system the costs of keeping them running can be detrimental to your bottom line—and repairing them can take out parts of your phone system for days, possibly. PBX phone systems also require specialized training in order to maintain them, further adding to their costs. When your system needs to expand, you’ll be glad you switch to digital based small business phone systems as growing capacity needs can be quickly done, compared to PBX phone systems. Another great advantage is the fact that you’ll have minimal equipment on-site for your phone system, most of the hardware will be hosted by your phone system provider so they will deal with hardware issues themselves, and rapidly.
Keep Connected Anywhere
A great advantage of a small business phone system that uses a cloud-based platform is that you are no longer tied to your desk. Easily being able to transfer calls to any device means you can have quick connections to your clients no matter where you are, or what device you have with you. Working from home becomes a breeze, and keeping in touch with your office or clients while on a business trip on the other side of the world is made convenient and easy.
Privacy and Security
With the use of older PBX systems, there are limited ways for you to protect the voice and data going through the systems without limiting your employees to only the phones hooked into the system. If you are looking to expand to allowing your employees to use their own cell phones, or other devices, you are going to need cloud based small business phone systems that are secured with encryption protocols to ensure your data is protected from snooping or intrusion. Nothing can lose your business more than exposed proprietary or personal data from clients. Controlling when and where clients can contact you ensures there is always a secure connection, no matter where you are.
Small Business Phone Systems
If you are looking to upgrade your small business phone systems to more modern, cloud based systems with the features and security your company needs, contact RingLeader today.