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The Benefits of Virtual PBX Solutions for Small Businesses

April 8, 2021

A virtual PBX is an excellent way to provide high quality telephone and voice services to a small business. These types of solutions are very similar to the conventional phone system, but the primary difference is that the service is provided over the Internet. With the popularity of the Internet, virtual PBX solutions are becoming increasingly popular for businesses that are trying to save money while providing increased productivity. In addition, these solutions are ideal for small businesses that need additional capacity, functionality and flexibility.

Today, virtual PBX solutions are available in both desktop and server solutions. A server system offers more robust capability and greater scalability. These are typically inexpensive compared to on-premise solutions, and the prices are even lower for businesses that have good plans and minimal staff. For small businesses with fewer than 15 employees, a virtual PBX can provide the best solution for voice and data communication. These systems generally include the following features: auto attendant, call forwarding, call transferring, call waiting, conference calling, music on hold, night service, call transferring, three or four-digit dialing, address verification, and much more. Most providers offer these services in both business and residential packages to accommodate all needs.

With virtual PBX solutions, a business can be assured that each phone number will be linked to a unique extension, which eliminates the need for worrying about which employee is taking the phone. Each extension has its own phone number and extensions cannot be interchanged. Also, most virtual PBX services provide the option for employees to switch phone numbers at any time. The system can also route calls based on caller ID, allowing employees to take control of how many calls they want to receive. Since this type of service provides the capability for staff to work remotely and take their own calls, employees feel more comfortable than they would in a traditional phone system. While the initial cost of virtual PBX solutions may be higher than a traditional phone system, the long-term savings and cost-effectiveness make it an affordable solution for small businesses.

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