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The Facts About Internet Fax Services

November 7, 2019

The modern business world is on its feet. No longer tethered to the usual workspace, business happens on the go in a digital space, often from mobile devices instead of paper. But even with all of these advancements, there is still a piece of technology that is critical, even in today’s digital world: the humble fax. Many different sectors still rely on faxes for their information and business, but today’s fax doesn’t need to be bound by printer ink and paper. That’s where an internet fax service can help.

An internet fax service transforms your faxes, whether you are sending or receiving, into digital transmissions. It is revolutionizing business today. Here are just four facts about the service that you should know.

1. They Help You Stay Connected

Faxes are not very friendly to the modern, mobile world of business. In fact, they can make you feel quite tethered by the simple notion of having to be near a fax machine in order to receive important paperwork. By switching to an internet fax service, however, you can actually send and receive faxes from your computer and mobile devices. This lets you stay connected without needing to hang around the fax machine all day.

2. They Save You Money

Faxes cost money. They use paper and printer ink and, more frustratingly, tie up phone lines. Depending on your business, they can force you to pay for multiple phone lines every month. These costs add up fairly quickly. But with an internet fax service, you can turn those paper faxes into digital files and keep your individual fax lines without paying for multiple lines. The result: you can save a lot more money by making the switch without losing any of the advantages of using faxes.

3. They Give You More Options than Traditional Fax

Let’s face it: the original fax isn’t the most useful in today’s digital world, despite their widespread use even today. That changes when you make the switch to an internet fax service. With the right service, you can actually have more options, like individual fax lines for individual people, a way to view and send faxes on your desktop or mobile device, and more. When it comes to digitizing faxes, the options are nearly limitless.

4. You Can Stay Organized

If you are working in the real estate sector or another industry that still relies on faxes and hard copies, then you know that the number of faxes you receive can number in the hundreds per day. Besides saving you money, an internet fax service can also help you keep your important paperwork more organized. That is because you will have a digital copy of the fax, one that you can organize on your company’s server and, if you want, search for via keyword or organizational category.

RingLeader offers affordable and flexible plans, including an internet fax service that can transform your business. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your company.