Tis’ the Season for Sales: VAR Strategies For Telecom in 2019

Weeks away from the busiest shopping season of the year, sales people and the companies they serve are fine tuning sales strategies to close out 2018 with a bang. For VARs, lacking the luxury of piggybacking on retailers’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, what does the pathway to successful year-end sales look like?


Value Added Resellers can gain ground in sales by focusing on the human element of doing business and looking for connection and collaboration in an ever-changing world of communications.

Getting in the door takes connection, so get connected. Partnerships and product bundling can provide clients with a one-stop-shop solution to many of their tech needs. However, VARs that combine resources and specializations can increase profitability and expand innovation beyond the scope of traditional B2B partnerships. For example, RingLeader partners enjoy live and on-demand training seminars, marketing automation, and recurring commission to help resellers share in RingLeader’s success in the communications industry. MSN refers to the rise of sharing economy and digitization as a viable collaborative business model in today’s marketplace.


On the other side of the coin is diversifying solutions through an all-in-one product offering, such as RingLeader’s Carrier-Connect SIP service, which seamlessly integrates with any on-premise PBX (phone system) without additional hardware. This solution can easily be the answer to a client’s Christmas list of business needs, including conference bridging, faxing, auto-forwarding, crowdvoice continuity, and disaster recovery. By knowing the full scope of products, VARs can find the right balance of cloud solutions for any client. “Companies will be utilizing every type of system as they find the multi-cloud approach that works for them,” reports CIO. In addition, Forbes describes future-focused CEOs that are looking to “converged infrastructure as a stepping-stone to hybrid and public cloud.”


So, it seems, the “value” in Value Added Resellers will continue to change as technology ebbs and flows with an increasingly competitive and fluid marketplace. The old adage, The more things change, the more they stay the same, brings us to this final point:

No matter the tech, the business is still people.

VARs will be wise to assess their current relationships and seek to develop new ones because sales will always be about people, not products. This is why relationships are so valuable to the Value Added Reseller. This strategy is less about strategy and more about character. Despite the immeasurable amounts of change in the marketplace and the world-at-large, human relationships still rise and fall on character. “Delivering on time, anticipating needs, providing solutions when things go awry, and simply being a pleasure to do business with goes a surprisingly long way, asserts Sustainable Business Forum. “It’s a component that gets overlooked more often than you’d think, but maintaining a positive and respectful relationship with vendors and customers will keep them coming back.”

0 Tis' the Season for Sales:   VAR Strategies For Telecom in 2019
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