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Virtual PBX for Small Businesses

January 4, 2021

PBX solutions, or Private Branch eXchange, are telephone solutions that can be used in combination with a voice over IP network to provide a private phone system to businesses that cannot afford to purchase or maintain a conventional phone system. A virtual PBX is just a subset of the larger IP phone system family, but it is capable of handling all of the functions that a traditional PBX is designed to handle. The advantage of virtual PBX solutions for small businesses is that they are easy to deploy, and most virtual systems are able to be moved from one location to another with minimal downtime. Virtual systems also have significant scalability and the ability to integrate with other communication technologies. Virtual PBX services offer many advantages to small businesses that would not be offered by conventional PBX phone systems.

One of the primary advantages of a virtual PBX solution is that it eliminates the need for a land-based phone system. With a virtual PBX, users can reduce the cost of maintaining a land-line phone system by up to 90 percent by using their Internet connection to make telephone calls instead. Businesses that are looking to save money and increase their productivity should consider making use of a virtual PBX. There are many online resources that will guide a small business with specific needs to choose a suitable solution.

Unlike virtual PBX services for larger companies, virtual PBX solutions for small businesses tend to be simpler and more flexible than those offered by large companies. Businesses that want to test the waters with a virtual phone system before moving to a traditional, land-based phone system should consider contacting an Internet telephony provider. These providers typically provide a hosted VoIP solution that combine voice and fax technology with email, Internet connectivity, and other services like remote access to web pages, conference calls, and speed dialing. Testing a hosted solution with an Internet telephony provider first is the best way to find out if a virtual PBX is right for your small business.

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