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VOIP Internet Phone Service For a Business – How to Choose the Right VOIP Phone For Your Business

March 10, 2021

For a small business, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) internet phone service may provide the most cost-effective means of telephony. Using a hosted VoIP system rather than a traditional telephone network, a business can cut its costs in half or even more. One drawback of a hosted VOIP service is that if the business owner needs to move to another location, they will have to acquire and install a new phone system. This is something that a small business does not need to worry about because of the low price of VOIP service.

There are some things a small business should consider before choosing VOIP internet phone service. One of the first things is to make sure that the VOIP company that they choose provides good rates and unlimited calling plans. While this does tend to be true for the large companies who provide this type of service, many smaller companies do not have these options available to them. Small businesses that want to use a hosted VOIP service may find that they are charged more, but then they don’t get as many calling minutes, so it really depends on what the business needs.

Businesses should also look to see what types of phones are supported through a VOIP phone service. Some VOIP phone services only work with specific models of cell phones and VOIP services may not work with all phones, especially if a business travels often. When looking at a VOIP internet phone service for a business, look to see if it has a range of phones that are compatible, or if it works with a business phone system that is similar to what is used at home.