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VoIP Monitor for Easy Network Management

February 10, 2021

What exactly does a VoIP monitor do? Essentially, a VoIP monitor helps in analyzing voice conversations in a VoIP network for improved call utilization management and performance evaluation. Such an efficient VoIP monitor helps you visualize and trace call problems over the whole network. You can use such an application to discover various network issues like poor connectivity, slow connection speed, packet loss, etc. It can also help you prevent these errors before they adversely affect the smooth operation of your business. Some of the common application features that come with most leading VoIP softwares include the following.

Real-time packet loss prevention When using voip phones, it is essential to prevent packet loss of data while in use. Most VoIP service providers come with powerful firewall functionality that checks all incoming packets against known bad addresses and forwards them to the right destination. While this may sound quite simple, packet loss often results in substantial losses that can bring down the efficiency of the entire VoIP network. To avoid such an occurrence, it is advisable to check the health of your internet connection speed and protocol using voip monitoring tools. While high quality servers are required for a good VoIP experience, cheap internet connections with poor security will definitely affect the quality of your calls.

Packet sniffer The packet sniffer embedded in the powerful VoIP server also acts as a useful troubleshooting tool. The sniffer lets you listen to traffic passing through the network in real time. By gathering information from the traffic, you can quickly detect potential problems like busy signals, down times, and connection problems. Once you find out what the problem is, you can conduct a manual troubleshooting session or ask an expert to handle the issue. By having a packet sniffer, you can gather more information about your voice system and carry out different diagnostics.

Jitter Alarm With its unique capability to send detailed packet loss alerts to you, the voIPmonitor can provide valuable information on your telephony system. Designed to send alerts only when certain events happen, the jitter alarm can be set for any period. Once the alarm is set, it sends out precise mails like email or voice mail to you. Useful metrics from the alerts include maximum latency, average CPU usage, and packet loss.

Easy discovery Most routers come with detailed instructions that provide detailed information about the installation process and network configuration. However, these instructions are often hard to understand or misdirected. When installing VoIP software, make sure that the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The voIPmonitor includes a highly efficient probe-based protocol that makes it easy to discover performance issues by simply following the prompts.

Single Server Dashboard The single-server dashboard provides quick and easy access to network resources, control, and metric collection. The tool can easily display single server diagnostic logs and standard network metrics. By using the standard network tools, it’s easy to discover performance issues in isolated environments or isolated computers. A single-server dashboard helps you discover problems in a short amount of time. You can also use the tool to troubleshoot troubleshooting problems on your network at scale.

Advanced Features The advanced features of the VoIP Monitor allow you to perform troubleshooting tasks even when your network and servers are not compromised. The advanced tools in the tool include high-resolution packet loss metrics, system health, Jitter Analysis, and packet analysis. These powerful features work together to provide the best network services. The tool has the capability to measure packet loss and latency, trace and diagnose Jitter, and provide alerts when errors occur. All these features make it the most flexible and effective tool in your enterprise VoIP phone.

Trace-ables-Trace-able alarms are useful for troubleshooting network conditions, such as excessive or unusually high traffic loads, overload, jitter, and dropped calls. The tool has the capability to trace packets that have reached the destination as well as to store up to date traffic loads information. The tool has the ability to monitor up to 10 networks at one time and can generate alerts in real time. With all these powerful features, you can ensure the efficiency and scalability of your business VoIP phone service.