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What Is an Internet IP Phone?

June 1, 2021

The Internet Phone is the ideal solution for people who travel a lot or have short errands. You can use your existing phone line and Internet connection rather than getting a new phone or modem. The Internet Phone also allows you to use your existing broadband connection if you have one. With the help of an Internet Phone, you don’t need to buy a new telephone line or even disconnect your current one.

The DPH 120SE has two Ethernet ports, a primary Ethernet port for connecting to your computer, or the broadband router, and one to connect to the internet. Once connected, you can make and receive unlimited calls to any cell phone or landline number. Also, this IP telephone provides another Ethernet port so that you can communicate to your computer, chat, and do other networking tasks on your computer while talking on the Internet Phone. The Internet Phone makes it easy for you to manage your appointments, manage your contacts, and much more.

The Internet Phone’s most useful feature is its 3-way conference call. With the help of this feature, you can connect other users through their computers and smartphones, and you can share the speaker-phone call between them just like you would over the air. Through this, people will be able to join the conference even though they are on the move. The conference call can last as long as the call can hold, which means you and the participants will never miss a single important message or a valuable opportunity.

The Internet Phone has two ethernet ports to connect to the broadband router or DSL modem, and it also has a voice-communication port that allows you to send and receive calls over VoIP, voice over internet protocol. This is a great feature indeed for those who need a better voice communication experience. The Voice over Internet Protocol can send information from one computer to another in real time. If you want, it is also possible to transfer files from one computer to another with the help of this handy IP phone. Basically, there are endless possibilities that you can use the Internet Phone for, making it one of the best choices when it comes to telephony and Internet communication.

One of the features that makes the Internet Phone stand out from other VoIP phones is its slick, modern design, and user-friendly interface. Aside, from its easy-to-use features, the phone book of the Internet Phone is extremely slim and small, allowing it to blend in even well in a business-type outfit. This sleek design has been further improved by the inclusion of a prominent “sky” logo, providing a nice background for the user interface, especially when the phone is placed on a desk or other flat surface.

Aside, from its ergonomic design, the Internet Phone incorporates true-to-life conversation quality as well, making it even more enjoyable to use. It has a modern sound processor which delivers smooth talktime. Other superior voice quality performance includes noise cancellation, speaker quality and clarity, and even voice reception and call waiting. As a result, you get a superior voice quality even when in an ordinary phone booth.

Along with true-to-life conversation quality, the Internet IP phone incorporates advanced features that allow you to make calls with friends, family, and colleagues, even without holding an Internet connection. The call recording system of the Internet Phone is especially helpful, as it allows you to record a message for a future reference. The video call option is also quite useful; you can watch a video message as your call is being received, similar to how an ordinary phone works. In addition to all these advanced features, the Internet IP phone incorporates a variety of advanced features that allow you to conduct a wide range of communication options.

Along with these advanced features, an Internet IP phone gives you numerous other benefits. For example, internet phone calls are much cheaper than normal telephone calls, especially considering the long-distance charges and the fact that you don’t need to pay for any extra line rental. If you are a global traveler, you will be delighted by the fact that this kind of communication device enables you to make cheap calls anywhere in the world. These devices are also ideal for people who need to make international long distance phone calls on a regular basis. All in all, the advantages of an internet phone makes it a must have device for everyone.

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